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My Solo Field Day
I took a couple of hours out from taking care of my wife (who is in recovery following surgery this week) to get on the air for Field Day. I set up on my deck using my POTA rig - Yaesu FT-891, Bioenno LiFePO4 12Ah battery, CWMorse paddles and my DIY 40m End Fed Half Wave antenna. Power was just 20 watts. 40m was in great shape and I worked everybody I called (S&P, no running). After 90 minutes on the air I had 20 easy QSOs. Not a fantastic QSO rate but not bad for S&P. I hope things are going well over at Victoria Park. I look forward to hearing the results of the GBARC FD.
Hi John, 
Great that you were able to take some time and join this great FD event. 
My take this year was another awesome event, not to say it went without any hitches but a great get-together and comradery. We discussed a lot of Amateur Radio topic as well as world issues that we won't solve anyway.
I didn't do any CW due to technical issues with my CW keyer but decided to do some digital work. PSK and FT8. Not fond of it but better than nothing. 
We will post the final scores as soon we confirm them but in the log we have 222 QSOs and Bobby VE3PAV got the highest QSO score.
All the best to you and your wife. 
73, Adam ve3fp
Thanks Adam. FT8!? Congratulations to Bobby VE3PAV for a great performance!

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