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Posted by: VA3TS Tom
Yesterday, 08:43:32
Forum: HF Digital
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The software Packet-Radio TNC

Years ago, it was fun to tinker with packet radio, I liked 300 baud on 80m, I had many qso's keyboard to keyboard, and the great thing about AX.25 is forward error correction or FEC. This means that what you send is retried till the checksum matches and your message is correct and complete. Gene VE3IJD had a packet BBS at his qth in Keady, we were on 2 meters so 1200 baud was used, and the system had a 9600 baud UHF link to Barrie VE3LSR via Bon VY2NX's place in Woodford. It brings back some fond memories.

At the time I had a Kantronics KAM dual port TNC which means I could use an HF rig and an VHF rig at the same time... it could even digipeat from one band to the other and it had a built in mailbox so others could leave messages. 144.390 simplex on vhf.


[*]AFSK 300, 600, 1200, 2400 bps
[*](D)BPSK 300, 600, 1200, 2400 bps
[*](D)QPSK 2400, 3600, 4800 bps
[*](D)8PSK 4800 bps

High-Speed Soundmodem

[*]G3RUH 4800, 9600, 19200 bps
[*]Manchester 1200, 2400, 3600, 7200 bps
[*]HAPN 4800 bps
[*]GOMX-1/3, Mobitex-NX (BeeSAT-2/4), AAUSAT-4, LilacSat-2 decoders

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Posted by: VE3WI Dave
2021-04-19, 18:56:07
Forum: Upcoming Events
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FDIM is a QRP conference put on by the QRP Amateur Radio Club Intl.  It's usually held in conjunction with Dayton.  Virtual conference date: Saturday 22 May 2021

Jerry Wolczanski KI4IO - Making an Antenna Coupler
Dr. Jack Purdum W8TEE - How to Select a Microcontroller for a QRP Project
Dave Benson K1SWL - Anatomy of a Transceiver; Building a Better Mousetrap
Han Summers G0UPL - Reach for the Skies: Extreme QRP at 35,000 Feet
Will Jourdain AA4WJ - All about the Icom IC-705
Dino Papas KL0S - Bench Setup Using Inexpensive Test Equipment
Tim Snodgrass KC0DN - Breaking Free of the Sunspot Cycle
Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE - sBITX - An Open Source SDR that YOU can hack!
(This last one should be interesting - Ashhar Farhan designed the BITX series of transceivers)

Registration is $10, registration closes 15 May at midnight CDT.  After you register you will get an email link to join the conference.

URL for registration:

Dave, VE3WI

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Posted by: Adam_VE3FP
2021-04-18, 23:26:38
Forum: Contesting
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Well another Ontario QSO Party is over. Conditions were not the greatest throughout the day but picked up towards the evening. Nothing heard on 15 and 10 and 20 was not the greatest either. Worked Paul VE3PQ on 80 Saturday evening and that was all of GBARC I came across.
Let's hope Field Day will improve although we'll still probably be operating on our own. 
Attached is my final count.

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Posted by: VE3OZW Richard
2021-04-17, 17:38:43
Forum: ISED, RAC Bulletins
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RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for April 17th, 2021

This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of
Canada, with this week's bulletin


1. Registration for RAC online advanced certificate course is now underway.

The instructor led 10 lesson course will start in early June and wind up
in mid-august.
2 hour sessions will be held on Sunday afternoons or Monday evenings.

see the info on the rac website for further information.

-- RAC bulletin

2. St. Vincent Radio Amateurs on Alert During Volcano Emergency

Donald de Riggs, J88CD, on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, says
that on April 13, the 42nd anniversary
of the eruption of the La Soufriere volcano, island residents were
awakened to another column of volcanic
ash creating a thick blanket, obscuring part of the eastern sky as the
volcano continues to erupt violently.

Since the eruption began last December, local hams have been in a state
of readiness.
A 24-hour regional HF network and vigil has been active since the
violent eruptions began 4 days ago,
to provide communication support should telephone service be disrupted
by the volcanic hazard.
This includes a twice-daily link-up on HF with the Caribbean Disaster
Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).
There is also a 2-meter gateway via EchoLink on the J88AZ node. The
other active VHF repeater is the main
resource for domestic communications. The Grenada repeater, which is
linked to St. Lucia and Barbados,
is also accessible by hams in Tobago, Trinidad, and St. Vincent and the
Frequencies being used for disaster-related communications may include
3.815, 7.188, or 7.162 MHz.

The La Soufrière volcano on St. Vincent began a series of explosive
eruptions on April 9, sending clouds
of hot ash some 20,000 feet into the air, blanketing much of the island
in ash and causing water and power
outages. The volcano is “a constant threat,” according to CDEMA.

— Thanks to The Daily DX


3.  Sable Island CY0C DXpedition

The Sable Island CY0C DXpedition team was informed this week by the
Parks Canada-Sable Island manager
that the scheduled October 2021 Sable DXpedition would have to be
postponed due to the ongoing
Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, because of the pandemic, Parks Canada is behind on their
island maintenance projects and
the Visitor Quarters will not be available for the DXpedition team. The
Sable Island manager did
extend an invitation to the team for October 2022, which the team
unanimously accepted.

Since the 2021 CY0C DXpedition is not possible, the Sable DXpedition
team is offering options to the many
foundations, clubs and individuals who have already sent financial
support. We are offering complete refunds
to those who request it. If you would like us to apply your contribution
to the 2022 CY0C DXpedition,
that will be available as well. Any refund requests should be directed
to WA4DAN.

--  Murray Adams WA4DAN, 2022 Sable Island DXpedition Team Leader

4. Amateur radio has a new census.

As the amateur radio community grows and evolves, the need to better
understand the preferences and
expectations of amateur radio operators worldwide becomes increasingly

Inspired by the new licensees joining amateur radio’s ranks, and the
seasoned ones who continue to believe
in its value, Ham Census ( is inviting all hams to take
part in a unique survey. The project’s
founders are looking forward to responses from both the United States
and the rest of the globe, notably from
Canadian neighbors to the north, the large Japanese and Thai ham
communities, and all other operators
worldwide. Questions deal with operating preferences, gear, the shack,
views on regulations, clubs and
associations, and importantly, about the future of amateur radio.

Ham Census, which is divided into six parts, runs year-round delivering
constantly updated results. The only
caveat is that, though it is absolutely free for all to take and use,
only those who complete all six parts of
the Census have access to the full results.

Importantly, after completing it, Ham Census is encouraging respondents
to submit suggestions on how to
improve both the questions and multiple choice answers, notably on
everything that is cutting edge.
Ham Census takes about 40 to 45 minutes to complete.

-- K3RMI co-founder of

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V__3____ returning the frequency to net control.

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Posted by: Adam_VE3FP
2021-04-16, 21:01:58
Forum: Opinion
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Here is a link I came across on another forum. I don't know if FCC is concerned what goes on on the 27Mhz band but it seems not.
Check it out. 
I didn't think anyone would even consider building anything like that but I was wrong, there are more videos similar.
So where does FCC stand on that? Is 27 Mhz band self policing or do what you want on there?  

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Posted by: marvin.double
2021-04-16, 10:05:18
Forum: Emergency Preparedness
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I've had some interesting 2 meter simplex contacts since I was first licensed. This year I promised myself to push the envelope a bit and put up a 2 meter beam antenna. I bought a used tower, which I hope to get up once covid restrictions are lifted and the weather warms, so have now purchased the 2 meter beam as well. The real fun of radio for me is trying new things.

Here's someone who, like me, likes to see how far he can get on 2 meter simplex. Aside from being fun, I think it would be great to establish a 2 meter simplex net. If the repeaters are down we can still talk simplex. If you like the idea send me a private message and we can get something going.

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Posted by: VE3WI Dave
2021-04-16, 05:49:59
Forum: Repair Questions
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Got a couple of ferrite items from Palomar Engineers.  They included a useful tip sheet on combatting RFI.  It may be useful if you have an RFI problem to beat.  Scanned copy attached. 
Dave, VE3WI

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Posted by: marvin.double
2021-04-15, 20:13:22
Forum: Emergency Preparedness
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The embedded link will take you to an article which describes how a casino was hacked using an network / internet connected fish tank thermometer. It's not a joke, in spite of some obvious potential references to something fishy going on the network. However, the hackers made off with a database fully of names and information which should have been private and well secured.

What, you might ask, is the point of posting this story here? Simply put, this story exposes one of the many risks internet security experts must deal with when trying to maintain not only data, but also critical systems. The evolution of the IoT (The Internet of Things) technology can potentially make it easier to monitor and control various devices remotely. As an example of this, our propane tanks have an IoT transmitter that alerts the company when we run low on gas. This then allows them to schedule a fill up. We never have to manually check the tanks or call the company.

Such devices make life easier and more efficient, but they also, as was illustrated by the casino hack attack, offer a backdoor into an otherwise secure system. If then a casino database can be hacked, such an attack could be used to gain critical security information on things like controls for the North American Power Grid. Even a remarkably small point of entry could provide hackers with the ability to do enormous harm.

For those who dismiss the potential danger of  a cyber attack on the power grid, this story should at least give reason for a second thought. In today's connected world, a keyboard could be the most powerful weapon ever used in warfare. Put another way, if fish thermometers are vulnerable, so to might be virtually any system which can be accessed via the internet.

Casino Fish Tank Thermometer Hacked

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Posted by: VE3OZW Richard
2021-04-15, 17:34:03
Forum: Nets HF , VHF
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The net was long at 90 minutes, however it was very enjoyable on this end.  Please give consideration to volunteering for net control duties.  I understand that net control is not for everyone, and therefore you can help by offering up topics for discussion during the net on this forum.  Thank you fellow club members, although I am a new ham and club member, it is great to see the participation on our Wednesday night net.  Stats for check ins - 15 check ins on 2m and another 15 on HF, see below.  Thanks to VA3EZN - Jim for kicking us off and wrapping us up...

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Posted by: marvin.double
2021-04-14, 21:37:55
Forum: Emergency Preparedness
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This video has some exceptionally valuable information regarding local EmComm operations. Once again I believe this is really important information as a conversation starter, if nothing else. However, what really caught my attention is the community service aspect of this video as related to moving into a more flexible response to community needs in emergencies. For me this goes directly to the need for reliable repeaters, well established and well developed simplex nets, should repeaters fail and ad-hoc 2 meter digital networks based on software like D-RATS.

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