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Posted by: VA3KOT John - Yesterday, 18:10:04 - Forum: Shop - No Replies

I have two commercial VHF mobile radios available:

  1. Motorola Radius CM200
  2. Motorola Radius SM50
Both are 2 channel radios in the commercial VHF band.
Microphones for both included.
Mobile brackets for both included
May be usable for a repeater?
I hooked them up to 13.8VDC and both power up ok. Cannot test them further as they both use mini-UHF antenna connectors and I don't have that type in my junque box. They are free to a good home. If you have experience with Motorola radios and think you can do something with them, please email at va3kot@gmail.com

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  GBARC 2M net 10 July 2024 VE3OSR&VE3GBT
Posted by: VE3RQYgreg - 2024-07-10, 20:21:47 - Forum: Nets HF , VHF - No Replies

GBARC 2M net;                                                 
VE3OSR 146.94MHZ & VE3GBT 146.73MHZ

Control - VE3RQY Greg
AM Radio Broadcast band 500-1710 KHZ - 
  • do you listen to it?
  • At home, in car etc.
  • do you have a portable transistor radio? Have you had one?
  • For communication during power outages and other emergencies - general listening, etc. 
  • do you have a collection - old radios, etc.
  • Easiest method for informing general public(battery powered transistor radios).
  • Auto industry not installing in newer vehicles(interference from electrics?)
  • Governments intervening with legislation to have them remain in vehicles.
    Check-ins:ECHO-link - VA3RCA Kevin- VE3DDU Ray - KO4DXQ BobVHF -
    Owen Sound - VE3BQM Bernie - VA3TS Tom - VA3DNY Dan - VA3DGY Doug
    VHF - Paisley   -  VA3HPR Roger - VE3OZW Richard - VA3MFO Jim -VA3VBE Mark

     Comments: all use it from time to time, some collections (nostalgia), most have portable for use when needed. Has been used for detecting power line/ electrical noise and lightning.       

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  Internet via HF Radio
Posted by: VA3KOT John - 2024-07-09, 09:00:30 - Forum: Emergency Preparedness - No Replies

The RWS project allows anyone using an HF radio and a computer to access the internet from anywhere if needed, either because of an emergency or if you simply go somewhere that doesn't have internet.

The current implementation of the server uses the VARA modem, which is free, though the uncapped speed version costs $70. (But, if you call CQ and a server with a licensed copy of VARA answers, there won't be any restrictions, and vice versa for any unlicensed server hosters)

The server has a lot of built-in commands which allow you to:
View a website (either in plain text or raw HTML)
Perform a quick search
Get the weather forecast for a given city + state
Download a given URL (download is encoded into base64 to allow download through text, instructions for how to decode are given alongside the download)
View and create threads and comments in the community section of the GitHub of the project
Print server info, logs, and global active servers

I've read Part 97 of the FCC and I've made sure my server is fully legal.

My end goal for the project is to have hundreds or thousands of servers hosted around the world, which would allow coverage for almost everyone on Earth.

The server and instructions for how to host your own are listed at the GitHub:

To connect to a server, make sure you have VARA and VarAC installed. Once those are installed and working correctly, go to 14.110 MHz USB and call CQ. (Both 500 Hz and 2300 Hz bandwidths are supported.) Wait for at least 2 minutes. If a server has heard you, it will call back and try to connect with you. The list of commands and other instructions are sent once you're connected.

I need testers and server hosters to properly see if the server will work correctly in the real world! If you aren't using your radio at the moment, and if you have a computer connected to the radio, you can get the server running in 10 minutes and just let it sit in the background, waiting for a connection, with no further hassle needed.

If you want an external helper for dealing with the downloads and base64, KC3VPB has created a helper that can decode base64 automatically and save it to a file.

For more info or if you need help, email me:

RWS Discord invite link:

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  Results submitted
Posted by: Adam_VE3FP - 2024-07-08, 18:56:31 - Forum: Field Day - No Replies

Results from our 2024 Field Day have been submitted to ARRL and Logs posted to the LoTW as well. 
We have committed to operate 3 stations but only 2 were logging. 

Field Day summary:

[Image: 2024-FD-Stats.png]          
[Image: 2024-FD-Summary.png]
     Station Stats                                     Score Summary             

Call Used: VE3OSR    GOTA  station: NONE    Class: 3A    RAC Section : ONS


Power Sources: Generator    Power Multipliers: 2X

Preliminary Total Score: 892

Bonus Points:

100% Emergency Power: 300
Public Location : 100
W1AW FD message: 100  file submitted by ve3fp
Entry Submitted: 50
Total Bonus Points 550

Score Summary : file uploaded by VE3FP

                   CW    Phone    Total
Total QSOs:    69       33  
Total Points   138      33       171

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  Update of ISED's Review of Basic Amateur Exam Questions
Posted by: Richard VE3OZW - 2024-07-06, 18:31:20 - Forum: ISED, RAC Bulletins - Replies (1)

[Image: a38ff298-a16b-196e-1556-2cd2473d7d52.png]

ISED Gives Advance Notice of Update of Basic Amateur Radio Exam Questions
For immediate release | July 6, 2024 –
On July 5, 2024, Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) posted the following announcement on its website:
“Working with the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) plans to update the Basic Amateur Exam questions and answers in early 2025. An advance copy, in PDF format, will be posted in the coming months on our 
Downloads page so that instructors and examiners can update their material before the transition. After this update, ISED will perform a similar review of the Advanced Amateur Exam, with new exams expected after 2025.”
As indicated in the announcement, this is the result of a RAC initiative – which was presented to ISED in 2022 – and over a year of hard work by the members of RAC's Examination Standards Committee (ESC). The final details of the update to the Basic Amateur Exam are being worked out now. ISED must put the completed draft of the Basic Question Bank through some internal processes before it can be published. 
ISED will publish the new Basic Question Bank on its website several months before it is implemented to allow instructors, authors and candidates the opportunity to adjust to the changes. The existing Basic Question Bank will be used until the new bank is implemented sometime in 2025. 
RAC's Examination Standards Committee is now working on recommendations for updates to the Advanced Question Bank.  
You can see ISED's announcement at these links:

Dave Goodwin VE3KG
Regulatory Affairs Officer
Radio Amateurs of/du Canada


[Image: 7bf86ca3-2b1d-7e67-5cbd-3699b0efccca.jpg]

ISDE diffuse un préavis de mise à jour des Questions de l’examen de compétence de base pour les radioamateurs
Pour diffusion immédiate – 6 juillet 2024 | 
Le 5 juillet 2024, Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada (ISDE) a affiché l’avis suivant dans son site Web :
« En collaboration avec Radio Amateurs du Canada, Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada (ISDE) envisage de mettre à jour, au début de 2025, les questions et réponses de l’examen de compétence de base pour les radioamateurs. Une copie préliminaire en format PDF sera publiée dans les prochains mois sur notre page de 
téléchargements afin de permettre aux instructeurs et aux examinateurs de mettre à jour leur documentation avant la transition. Après cette mise à jour, ISDE procédera à une révision similaire concernant l'examen de compétence supérieure, de nouveaux examens sont prévus après 2025 ».
Tel qu’indiqué dans cet avis, il s’agit-là du résultat d’une initiative de RAC – qui avait été présentée à ISDE en 2022 – et des efforts opiniâtres déployés pendant plus d’un an par les membres du Comité des normes d’examen (CNE) de RAC. Les derniers détails de la mise à jour de l’examen de compétence de base pour les radio amateurs sont en passe d’être réglés à l’heure qu’il est. ISDE doit soumettre l’ébauche complète de la Banque de questions de base à certaines procédures internes avant de pouvoir la publier. 
ISDE publiera la nouvelle Banque de questions de base dans son site Web plusieurs mois avant sa mise en oeuvre pour donner aux instructeurs, auteurs et candidats l’occasion de se familiariser avec les changements qui auront été apportés. La Banque de questions de base actuellement en place continuera d’être utilisée jusqu’à l’entrée en vigueur de la nouvelle banque dans le courant de 2025. 
Le Comité des normes d’examen de RAC élabore actuellement des recommandations de mise à jour de la Banque de questions pour l’examen de compétence supérieure.  
On peut prendre connaissance de l’avis diffusé par ISDE en cliquant sur l’un des liens suivants :

Dave Goodwin VE3KG
Agent des affaires réglementaires
Radio Amateurs du Canada

Traduction par Jacques Roland, VA3DLZ. Merci Jacques!

[Image: 4e61726f-b3c3-4ab3-a0d6-30ffe8acd4aa.jpg]Alan GriffinRAC MarCom DirectorTCA Editor –marcom@rac.ca
Copyright © 2024 Radio Amateurs of Canada,
All rights reserved.

You have subscribed to the "RAC Notifications" list as a membership related transaction with respect to the Radio Amateurs of Canada. Please contact us at the RAC Office if you have any questions.
Our mailing address is:

Radio Amateurs of Canada
720 Belfast Road
Suite 217
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5

Add us to your address book

RAC: https://www.rac.ca

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  Amateur Radio Weekly 06JUL2024
Posted by: Richard VE3OZW - 2024-07-06, 18:27:42 - Forum: Radio News - No Replies

[Image: arw-header-700.gif]

Issue 338 July 6th, 2024

Top links

AllStarLink version 3 beta
The next generation of AllStarLink repeater and hotspot software.

A Ham Radio smartwatch.

My first, easiest (and last?) SOTA
If you spotted a couple of weirdos on a hilltop with a big antenna yesterday, this is what was going on.
Ian Renton

Reducing QRM from a portable solar panel system
It is not the solar panel itself that produces the radio frequency noise, but rather the charge controller attached to it.

Venturing into the world of AllStarLink
Setting up a Raspberry Pi based AllStarLink hotspot.

Ham Radio 101 basic set-up
The equipment list will be geared for either home or portable operation for digital net operation.

What you should know before buying a Motorola radio
Things that you as a Ham should know before buying a used device.

TetraPack presentation at HamRadio 2024
Dive into the new features revealed in the latest project update.

Field Day photos
Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club shares photos from Field Day 2024.
Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club


Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Expo 2024 walk-through
14 minute tour of the main hall.

The antenna that took 7.200MHz by surprise
Buddistick Pro antenna for a Parks on the Air (POTA) activation.

A look at my mobile Ham Radio setup
Installing a Radioddity DB25-D into a 2018 Ford Escape.

Testing VHF/UHF antennas with the NanoVNA
We look at the 3 antennas supplied with the Tidradio H8 handheld VHF/UHF Ham Radio.

[Image: spacer.gif]

Did you receive this email as a forward?

Amateur Radio Weekly is curated by K4HCK.
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Thank you for reading.
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  RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Jul 06, 2024
Posted by: Richard VE3OZW - 2024-07-06, 18:24:58 - Forum: ISED, RAC Bulletins - No Replies

This is V_3___, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada with this week's bulletin.


1. RAC Grants and Scholarships Available!

The RAC Foundation is now accepting Scholastic Grant applications from eligible Amateurs for the 2024-2025 school year. The application deadline is October 31.
Eligible candidates must be in full-time attendance at an educational institution such as a university or community college. Candidates must be a certified Canadian amateur at time of the grant application.  Scholastic grants will have a maximum value of $1,000. Decisions on grant eligibility and size will be at the sole discretion of the RAC Directors or their designees.  Grant applications should be submitted to the RAC Foundation for processing and recommendation by October 31.

For more information please see the RAC Scholarship and Grant Program on the RAC website

Al Eros, VE4ZB – RAC Scholarship and Grants Coordinator – grants@rac.ca


Hurricane Beryl hit the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico after causing severe damage to the Windward Islands in the Atlantic, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Within the next couple of days, high winds and heavy rain are expected for south Texas as the storm is expected to turn to the northwest.

Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, net manager for the Hurricane Watch Net, reported that the net was activated for each of the storm’s predicted landfalls, collecting
reports from the affected areas for the National Hurricane Center in Florida.
Carlos González, CO2JC, IARU Region 2 Emergency Coordinator, reported from Cuba that communication was maintained through WhatsApp and amateur radio frequencies for countries in or near the affected areas.

 From the very beginning, Beryl was making history. Early in its rampage on Monday night, Beryl became the season's earliest Category 5 storm, with 165 mph winds, the strongest July Hurricane on record.

-- Randy Sly W4XJ for amateur radio newsline


Europe's biggest Ham gathering welcomed around 13,000 paying attendees from all over the world.  Three of the 13 Zeppelin-size halls held traders, exhibitors and flea markets. In the conference centre presentation streams ran and private IARU meetings with national societies took place.

ICOM, Yaesu and JVC-Kenwood were there and Flex and Elecraft had joint stands with their European distributors. There were no new radios announced at the show but from talking to these companies, it seems that the parts shortages that they and smaller companies have faced, is now becoming a thing of the past.

For those living in Germany a new feature was a job market with representation from several hi-tech companies hoping to find skilled people.

-- Ed Durrant DD5LP (Amateur Radio Newsline)



4.  ARRL Logbook of The World Returns to Service

ARRL Logbook of The World® (LoTW®) returned to service July 1, 2024.  It had been offline as part of a systems service disruption.

As work progressed on the network, some users encountered LoTW opening briefly during which some 6600 logs were uploaded. The logs were not processed until this weekend as we tested that the interfaces to LoTW were functioning properly.

We are taking steps to help manage what will likely be a huge influx of logs.  We are requesting that if you have large uploads, perhaps from contests or from a DXpedition, please wait a week or two before uploading to give LoTW a chance to catch up. We have also implemented a process to reject logs with excessive duplicates. Please do not upload your entire log to “ensure” your contacts are in LoTW as they will be rejected.

Lastly, please do not call ARRL Headquarters to report issues you are having with LoTW. You can contact support at LoTW-help@arrl.org.

We know the importance of LoTW to our members, and to the tens of thousands of LoTW users who are not ARRL members. LoTW, just behind QST, is our second most popular ARRL benefit.

-- full article on arrl website.

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or clarifications?
Hearing none, This is V_3___ returning the frequency to net control.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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  RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for June 29, 2024
Posted by: Richard VE3OZW - 2024-06-29, 09:09:36 - Forum: ISED, RAC Bulletins - No Replies

This is V_3___, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada
with this week's bulletin.


1. Celebrate Canada Day with RAC on the air.

Each year on July 1, the anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, Radio Amateurs of Canada sponsors the RAC Canada Day Contest and Amateurs all over the world are invited to celebrate Canada’s Birthday Party on the air.  Look for a new 20 point bonus station VE3RHQ.

see rules: https://www.rac.ca/rac-canada-day-contest-rules-july-1-2024/

-- RAC Bulletin


  2. Hamilton city councillor visits H.A.R.C. Field Day site

Spent a fascinating afternoon at the Winona Rifle Range with members of the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club and military personnel from the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals for their annual 24 hour Field Day.  I heard stories from club members communicating with operators from as far away as the Indian Ocean and New Zealand - and even had the chance to chat with an operator in Connecticut.  If the communication grid ever goes down these volunteers and service personnel will keep the lines of communication open.  Many thanks to Ward 10 Resident, and longtime Fruitland Community Advocate, Cal (VA3CDV) for the invite.

Pictures:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/nSXsxyNqbYdQB83P9

--  Jeff Beattie: Ward 10 Hamilton Councillor via Hamilton ARC


3.   World Amateur Radio Day Certificate now available

Thank you for participating in the RAC “Get on the Air on World Amateur Radio Day” special event on April 18, 2024. If you were able to contact at least one RAC station on World Amateur Radio Day you are eligible for a special commemorative certificate.

To generate your certificate, please visit this page on the RAC website:

-- RAC Website

4.  Meme appreciation month! (June 15 - August 15)

The archives say it started in Canada as a way to spread joy & cheer to all the good hams on the RF spectrum.  Honestly it's a way for young hams to have some fun, use a cool callsign and do a neat activity together.

The shenanigans started in 2022 with the first ever Meme Apprecation Month and iconic callsigns such as VB4LIGMA, VB3YEET, VC9CATGIRL, VC3RIKROLL, VC3DEEZ and many more.

The second event in 2023 birthed callsigns such as VC9FEMBOY, DZ2NUTS, PD33ZDOGE and DL0NGCAT.

To make it short, a meme is something most young people know and find funny.

Meme Appreciation website:    https://mememonth.ca/
-- amateur radio daily news.

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V_3___ returning the frequency to net control.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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  Amateur Radio Weekly 29JUN2024
Posted by: Richard VE3OZW - 2024-06-29, 07:49:28 - Forum: Radio News - No Replies

[Image: arw-header-700.gif]

Issue 337 June 29th, 2024

Top links

Experimenting during Field Day 2024
Running solo for Field Day in the backcountry of Kananaskis Country.

Amateur Radio for aspiring professionals
So much of what I do in other classes is coding on a computer, which made the hands-on aspect of this class very appealing.
Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering

Here's how Starlink satellites weathered May's major solar storm
The average Starlink user experienced less than one minute of disruption.

Decoding Meshtastic with GNU Radio
The GNU blocks send and receive data via TCP port, so using the radio as a data connection is simple.

Lithium batteries: Where we came from, where we're going
Lithium batteries have changed the world the same way transistors did back in the 1950s and 1960s.
Off Grid Ham

Meme Appreciation Month is on the air
A way to spread joy & cheer to all the good little hams on the RF spectrum.
Meme Appreciation Month

APRSDroid and dual port Direwolf
Running a Direwolf instance with two ports (VHF and HF) on an Orange Pi Zero.

Ham Radios are an extremely complex hobby.
The North Star Monthly

World Radio History
An archive of magazines, books, and more, related to the history of broadcast radio.
World Radio History


Field Day 2024 at Blue Mountain Park
The Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club was joined by the New Westminster Amateur Radio Club and the 39 signal regiment.
Coquitlam Amateur Radio Emergency Services Society

Build a Raspberry Pi Pico APRS tracker
Use a Pi Zero, a Digirg Lite, and a Baofeng to build an APRS tracker.

SDR: View all HF bands at the same time
Receiving 64 MHz of bandwidth using the RX888 Mk2 SDR Receiver and SDR Console.
Tech Minds

[Image: spacer.gif]

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  Suprise visit
Posted by: Adam_VE3FP - 2024-06-24, 10:49:27 - Forum: Field Day - No Replies

Surprise visit from an old member of the club who just happened to setup for Field Day/Pota not too far way from our location. He is an avid hiker and QRP op. It was great to touch base with Carson again. 

A short video he posted on You Tube of his weekend and meetup with some of the club members at our FD site.

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