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  Not enough events?
Posted by: Adam_VE3FP - 2023-02-05, 00:59:52 - Forum: Announcements, Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback - Replies (1)

If you like chasing POTA, IOTA and other casual QSOs and want to add another activity. VOTA (Volunteers On The Air). Only active till the end of 2023, a celebration that recognizes volunteer support and contributions. Each contact is worth specific number of points corresponding to the QSO points table. https://vota.arrl.org/index.php 
All you need to is make a simple QSO with any W1AW/x station. 
This could be a GBARC challenge for the year. 
     eg: highest score, most states, countries or just highest point contact. 

Just have fun !!!  Big Grin

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  RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for February 04, 2023
Posted by: VE3OZW Richard - 2023-02-04, 18:50:08 - Forum: ISED, RAC Bulletins - No Replies


1.  RAC Volunteer Opportunities

RAC continues to provide many programs and services to its members and
strives to adapt to meet
today’s requirements, but we need your help to do so. Please take a look
and consider joining the
RAC Volunteer Team. Contact information for each volunteer position is
provided but please
contact Alan Griffin at marcom@rac.ca if you need assistance.
A list can be found at https://www.rac.ca/volunteer/

-- RAC Website

2.  RAC President attends ARRL Board Meeting

RAC President Phil A. McBride, VA3QR, attended the annual Board of
Directors meeting of the
American Radio Relay League (ARRL) in Windsor, Connecticut on January
20-21. The ARRL
Board Meetings are held twice each year, in January and July.
This was the third ARRL Board Meeting attended by RAC President Phil
McBride, VA3QR, and
he extended greetings and best wishes from RAC.
You can follow along with Phil via his Twitter account at @VA3QR and of

-- RAC Website


3.  First Ever: Olivia Digital Mode HF Weekend QSO Party

  Valentine’s Day Weekend.  This event is held this year on February 11,
1400 UTC,
through February 13, 0200 UTC
Sponsored by the Olivia Digital DXers Club on groups.io
The list of suggested calling frequencies can be found at
This is the FIRST ever weekend QSO party for Olivia. Certificate for
participants, and more.
-- Tomas Hood (NW7US).

4.  World Radio Day Special Transmission

In honor of World Radio Day, February 13, 2023, radio station SAQ in
Grimeton, Sweden,
and amateur radio station SK6SAQ, are scheduled to be on the air to send
out a peace message
to the world, using the unique 1924 200 kW Alexanderson alternator on
17.2 kHz CW.
Test and tuning transmissions will begin approximately at 13:00 CET
(12:00 UTC) and SAQ
will be on the air for 20 - 30 minutes. Startup and tuning of the
Alexanderson alternator will begin
at 14:30 UTC and transmission of the peace message from SAQ will start
at 15:00 UTC.
SK6SAQ has picked a set of unique frequencies with a "connection" to
SAQ's transmission
frequency on 17.2 kHz, and will be QRV between 09:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC on:
3517.2 kHz, 7017.2 kHz, 14017.2 kHz CW and 3755 kHz, 7140 kHz SSB.
QSL cards will be available and there will be live coverage on YouTube.
For more information about World Radio Day event and SAQ Grimeton visit
their website.

-- arrl news

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V_3___ returning the frequency to net control.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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  Net Report 1 Feb 2023
Posted by: Tom VA3TS - 2023-02-03, 00:45:58 - Forum: Nets HF , VHF - No Replies

VA3TS Tom - Shallow Lake


KO4DXQ Bob - Soddy Daisy, TN
VE3BQM Bernie - Owen Sound
VE3RQY Greg - Brooke
VE3VCG Marvin - Paisley
VE3WI Dave - Port Elgin
VA3EAC Janet - Paisley
VA3MFO Jim - Mount Forest
VE3PCP Rob - Inverhuron
VE3FP Adam - West Grey
VE3DNY Dan - Owen Sound
VE3DGY Doug - Annan
VE3OZW Richard - Otter Creek

HF – 3.795 MHz

VA3MFO Jim - Mount Forest
VE3BQM Bernie - Owen Sound
VE3VCG Marvin - Paisley
VE3WI Dave - Port Elgin
VE3DGY Doug - Annan
VE3OZW Richard - Otter Creek
VE3DNY Dan - Owen Sound
VE3PCP Rob - Inverhuron

Topic was:

What Club Social Events would you like to see
- fox hunt and foxhunt prep
- canwarn
- power points for meeting topics
- ssd drive installation
- lighthouse and lightship operating events
- Canadian Islands on the air
- Hammond museum
- family picnics
- hamfest
- tinkering/project building

Note - Galapagos Island DXpedition to take place 1 - 11 of March 2023. Look for HD8M

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Photo Ecoflow Mini II Solar Generator
Posted by: marvin.double - 2023-01-31, 01:55:12 - Forum: Emergency Preparedness - No Replies

[Image: Webshop-4-1280x1588-da-2-825x1024.jpg]
During my presentation at monthly club meeting on Jan 24, 2023 I stumbled through the description of my EcoFlow Delta Mini II solar generator. I was disappointed at not being able to provide the technical specification for this unit off the top of my head. The unit is worth a second look which includes enough technical data to be properly appreciated. I have some additional comments on why I think units like this are important as they relate to more formal emergency communications planning.

1) The unit features an 820 Wh LiFePo battery and has a rapid recharge circuit which can bring the unit up to full charge from 20% discharge state in just over 6 hours using a 160 + Watt solar panel under ideal conditions or using AC input, however normal charging times can be as long as 11 hours under less than optimal conditions.

I can personally verify that this charging information is correct as I have charged the unit fully using both AC and Solar inputs. Charge times can be highly variable depending on the discharge state of the unit and variable inputs voltages under changing solar conditions over the course of the charging period.

The unit will accept 800 Watts of input from a solar panel or panels. AC input will typically be 110 Volt from any wall outlet. Both charging circuits either AC mains or DC solar are through dedicated inputs on the back of the unit. When using solar to charge the unit it will also throughput to other devices connected to the units output circuits.

The unit has both AC and DC output capacity using multiple output modes. The front of the unit features 4 USB connections, one of which is a C type rapid charger. The rear of the unit features 4 standard AC type plugs which deliver 110 Volt AC power. I've used this to power HF radios, outputting to a power supply. The power is clean and steady with no hash, no sags or spikes.

I have also used the AC outlets to prepared meals using an induction style 1500 watt cook top during a power outage, as well as for fun when cooking for guests on our back deck. Even if the EcoFlow Mini is not power a radio, having a hot meal while operating at a field station could be a real luxury, especially during long sessions. No need to haul a gas powered camping stove or BBQ when you can cook using solar. Having extra power on hand is a valuable resource and clearly an advantage no matter how that power is being used.
It also has a 12 volt DC cigarette type socket which provides 12 volts DC. I can not verify the max available current flow in amps but assume that it is a minimum of 10 Amps as the unit will run a radio or can be used to power various DC appliances such as a mini-fridge. I will dig into the manual and see if I can find an answer to this question but at this moment I do not know the maximum current available from this socket.

At home, running a shack off the EcoFlo Mini or other such device is an obvious use. It can be charged off mains power and left ready to operate off-grid if needed. However, with the addition of a solar panel it will provide power independent of mains power service. As noted above, running a station may not be the only way that this or any other solar generator can be used in an emergency.

A part of emergency communications which is rarely discussed at length are all the other aspects of operator support. When planning emergency radio operations it is important to take into consideration all aspects of what is needed to maintain a station and the operator for 72+ hours. The EcoFlo Mini could be a part of this larger picture as it can be used to power a refrigerator or freezer and as already mentioned cook meals if there is enough solar available. However even when used in combination with a gas powered generator, solar can reduce the need for stored fuel for the generator and so extend run time.

All this in combination will help an off-grid station stay on the air longer or more efficiently.


EcoFlo Min II website

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Video Packet Radio Grid-Down Demonstration
Posted by: marvin.double - 2023-01-30, 21:50:29 - Forum: Emergency Preparedness - No Replies

Packet Radio is still alive and kicking in amateur radio. While it is not as popular as it was in the 80's it still has a place in amateur radio and is especially useful for emergency messaging. in my opinion packet radio should be a part of the local emergency communications plan for every HAM radio club.

The following brief video by the tech-prepper is a real world demonstration of packet radio communications in a grid down situation. While this is not an exhaustive exploration of packet radio it does illustrate several key points which are important to any discussion on the topic.

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Posted by: Adam_VE3FP - 2023-01-30, 00:33:36 - Forum: Contesting - Replies (3)

There appears to be conflict in calculating scores using N1MM logger. WFD went against the norm on the power multiplier of x1 vs x2 100w or less. Means that the scores will be inflated x2 if you claim power of 100 or less. 

I also found Ontario Section GTA would  not let me enter in to the log, it has been changed GH(Golden Horseshoe) effective Jan 1/2023. I hope log checker accept both.

Hope the guys get this sorted out soon. Lot of posts on Group.io forums.

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  Winter Field Day Livestreams
Posted by: VE3PCP Rob - 2023-01-29, 21:08:16 - Forum: Field Portable & Remote Operations - No Replies

Thought I would share a couple of Livestream videos from Winter Field Day yesterday, January 28, 2023, for anyone interested.
The videos are set up with chapters so you can navigate from band to band and mode to mode.
I did both phone and CW operation.
73, Rob

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  RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for January 28, 2023
Posted by: VE3OZW Richard - 2023-01-28, 19:18:12 - Forum: ISED, RAC Bulletins - Replies (1)

This is V_3___, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada
with this week's bulletin.


1. RAC alias email to Microsoft domains now fixed.

As previously reported, the RAC email alias system was not working
properly with
Microsoft-based emails. We are pleased to report that our IT Team
volunteers have been able
to resolve this issue.  Thank you once again for your patience.
The RAC website is designed and maintained by a team of dedicated
volunteers under the direction
of the RAC Chief Information and Technology Officer.
If you would like to volunteer please contact:
--  Jeff Dale, VA3ISP, RAC Chief Information Technology Officer

2.  British Columbia QSO Party 2023

Date/Time: 1600z Feb 4 to 0359z Feb 5 AND 1600z Feb 5 to 2359 Feb 5
Rules are available at: http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp.html
The BC QSO Party counts for the QSO Party Challenge that kicks off the
2023 season on Feb 4th.
-- Rebecca VA7BEC


3. London Amateur Radio Club sponsoring NVIS test.

The London Amateur Radio Club and the London ARES team would like to
invite you to participate
in an NVIS exercise we are planning for Sunday Feb 5.
We don’t use NVIS very often, and to verify you can operate
successfully, you need some test stations
within a couple of hundred miles. So we thought we’d invite Ontario
Amateur Radio Clubs and ARES
teams to participate in an exercise. We can all test out our NVIS
configurations and get an idea of what
the range of NVIS actually is. Feel free to invite others to join in.
We will operate as a directed net with a net controller here in London.
We plan on being on the air from 2 PM to 5 PM and our planned 40 meter
phone frequencies are
  7.225 MHz - primary    7.190 MHz - secondary      7.270 MHz - tertiary
As part of the check-in process, we will ask for some information:
    1. Your power level
    2. Your rough assessment of net control’s transmission quality:
Poor, OK, Good
    3. Your location
We hope to get this information onto a map somehow, and publish it on
the LARC.ca website.


4.    Proposals Sought to Host 2026 World Radiosport Team Championship

The World Radiosport Team Championship Sanctioning Committee (WRTC-SC)
is accepting proposals
for hosting the 2026 WRTC event. The World Radiosport Team Championship
is an on-site amateur
radio competition, usually held every 4 years.

WRTC 2022, delayed due to COVID-19, is scheduled to be held in Bologna,
Italy, in July 2023.

Teams of two operators representing a geographical region of the world
come to the host site to
compete using similar antennas and locations, overseen by on-site
referees. The WRTC competition has
typically been held as a contest-within-a-contest coincident with the
IARU HF World Championship to
capitalize on the high activity of a popular world-wide operating event.

Groups interested in hosting WRTC 2026 should submit a Letter of Intent,
with a summary proposal no
later than March 31, 2023, to the Chairman of the WRTC Sanctioning
Committee, Tine Brajnik, S50A,
via email to tine.brajnik@gmail.com.
-- WRTC Committee    more info at https://wrtc.info/

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V_3___ returning the frequency to net control.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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  How can we attract and retain members?
Posted by: VA3KOT John - 2023-01-27, 20:07:25 - Forum: Announcements, Ideas, Suggestions, Feedback - Replies (7)

Dave VE3WI pointed out the following article on qrz.com:

How can ham radio clubs attract and retain members in 2023?

The news that Paul VE3PQ has left the club because (reportedly) he "no longer finds GBARC interesting" shocked me deeply. As GBARC President for the past 2 years I took that revelation very personally. If we summarily dismiss such warning signs we risk losing more members.

The covid situation stopped us from being very active for 2 years, but now we should be scrambling to fix that. I particularly liked one comment on the qrz.com:

"They have to enjoy radio more then Roberts rules. Really they have to enjoy playing radio, and if the club isn’t getting out and doing radio things why even be there. You have to have fun little events. Like a Friday night club QRP POTA . Or a Friday or Saturday night rabbit hunt extravaganza that covers the region. The last hunt of the night leads to a barbecue. But a club has to get out and play radio for fun. Just like a car club gets out and has car fun. Rod runs, poker runs, Dino nights. we have to get out and have radio fun together."

GBARC has become very good at the social aspects of club membership but we have sunk into the doldrums when it comes to hands-on radio activity. Our 2022 ARRL Field Day was a prime example. Would visitors be attracted to the hobby by a group of us sitting around in lawn chairs with no radios in sight? Or would it have been better if we had set up multiple demonstration stations illustrating different aspects of the hobby?

We need to have a conversation about this; but not just a conversation, we have to get motivated and get actively working to turn things around. Maybe drop the PowerPoint presentations and start monthly practical exercises at our meetings. We now have a club radio, let's get it on the air at meetings and learn what we can do with it. Then when the weather gets warmer, do it outside and invite visitors.

Paul VE3PQ is right; the club has become less interesting and I accept part of the blame for that. Now let's hear your ideas.

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  Comspek 4-square array, 40m
Posted by: Rob_Walker - 2023-01-27, 03:11:31 - Forum: Shop - No Replies

I have a brand new Comspek 4-square antenna system for sale.  It was purchased from DX Engineering, never used, new out of the box


Includes controller, hardware and cables.  Although you can do 160m and 80m with this, this is a 40m 4-square and my lot is too small.  You need 42' between antennas and my lot is only 30' wide.  It is too much work to modify the controller for 20m.

I paid $900 plush shipping.  If I got $900 back I would be ok.  The rubber feet on the bottom of the controller have no scuff marks so I know it is new as described by the seller.

73 Rob

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