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WSJT and N1MM+
Doug VE3DGY and I have our stations set up to operate FT8 on fieldday. Since the log of choice is N1MM+, the authors have made it possible to operate FT8 and then log contacts to N1MM+. So this evening Doug and I tried a test contact to see if it was working fine and we are happy to report that the contact was made and the N1MM+ log was updated with Call, Section and class. Here are a few pictures.

This shows the IC7300, a laptop ro operate the software and a 32" TV used as a monitor


This shows the laptop screen with WSJT running on the left with the WSJT Decode list over the N1MM+ program.


On the larger screen, this is the N1MM+ log entry showing the VE3DGY contact


This shows the N1MM+ score summary


This shows the WSJT contest log..a good double check that it went in ok


Finally, the N1MM+ Visible Dupesheet showing the 20m ONS digital contact made..the blue dot.


All in all, I'm happy to see this working... it should make for a welcome addition to field day. This should allow the bands to be better utilized. So if 80m is flaky for SSB, then FT8 may still keep us making points... 73
Glad you guys got it up and running. Just make sure that in the Advanced tab of WSJT you check off Special Activity/ARRL Field Day box.

Not my preferred mode but I also have it installed.

See you on FD
73, Adam ve3fp

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