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Many of us are hooking up our nanoVNAs to everything and marveling at the neat coloured graphs we get.  In a thread on about using a nanoVNA, someone posted this very apt quote from Werner von Siemens (famous German electrical engineer and founder of Siemens Corp.):

"Messen ist Wissen, aber messen ohne Wissen ist kein Wissen" ("measurement is knowledge, but measurement without knowledge is not knowledge")

Dave, VE3WI
The nanoVNA will do Smith Charts which is a valuable tool (calculator).  It is great for showing antenna matching problems and the behavior of RF patterns at different frequencies.  The Smith Chart can appear a little intimidationg at first glance but well worth the investigation in my opinion.
Agreed, and being able to see them live is a much better learning tool than reading about them in a book.
Dave, VE3WI

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