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Just finished Winter Field Day, now it's time to start thinking about Summer Field Day!

Big Question: will we be able to gather in an actual field somewhere this year?  I don't know but I hope so.

ARRL announced a few rule changes today.  Summary:

- Maximum allowable power: now 100W PEP
- Class D home stations can contact other Class Ds for points: now a permanent rule
- Club aggregate scoring scheme: now a permanent rule
- To earn the publicity bonus you have to actually get some publicity & prove it, not just try to get it (i.e. just sending out a press release not good enough)

I attached the text of the announcement from the ARRL website.

Dave, VE3WI

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I have updated the Field Day webpage with details and a layout of Victoria Park

Recently I disposed of my trailer and have not replaced it. As a result I cannot move the portable tower and 3 element hf beam to the field day site. If someone can pick it up, I'll get things ready.

73 Tom

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