Poll: Should the HF net be a directed net with a net control station?
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Net Control Operators
I used to be a regular NCS for the Dufferin ARES group. I would be willing to take a turn as NCS for the GBARC 2m net. I also have a suggestion for the HF net. My NVIS antenna is designed for local (400km) range so I am unable to copy some of the DX stations who check in. That kind of disqualifies me as HF net NCS. Do we really need the HF net to be a directed net? Maybe we should consider making it a simple roundtable net. Directed nets require a net control station to take check-ins for the log. Stations who are not time sensitive are usually expected to remain until the end of the net. A roundtable net has no net control station. Stations may check in and out as they wish and take it in turns to speak. Just an idea.
I think the 400km range is more than enough for anyone to be net control. There will be others on frequency than can relay as needed.

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