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DRATS for EmComm
I've just purchased 2 Mobilinkd TNC's with cables for HT's and mobile 2 meter rigs. Find more info about Mobilinkd TNC's here Mobilinkd TNC Home Page  These cool TNC's use bluetooth to connect radio to computer of phone and they do APRS as well as Packet. Bluetooth makes all the difference.

When the TNC's arrive I will be trialing DRATS software to use in highly mobile packet radio applications. This software, in combination with the right radio and antenna's will provide for a quickly deployed EmComm 2 meter voice and digital network. This is already being used successfully by some clubs for EmComm. There are a number of videos available about DRATS, however I chose this one because if covers the subject in some detail. If you watch please take specific note of the file sharing capabilities and in built messaging and chatting features. For ICOM D-STAR users, take special note of the ability to do data and voice transmissions at the same time. Heart Big Grin Cool Ultra cool!


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