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2020 Field Day Results

ARRL 2020 Field Day results. 
This year’s ARRL Field Day was unlike any other. With most of the country under restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many groups chose to participate from their home stations as Class D or E entrants, rather than gathering as a large group. This year, there was a total of 10,213 entries, with 18,886 participants. ARRL issued two temporary rule waivers for Field Day 2020. The first allowed Class D (home) stations to work all other stations, including other Class D stations, for point credit (standard Field Day rules don’t count Class D-to-Class D contacts toward the total score). Secondly, all entrants, regardless of their entry class, were able to credit their individual score to that of their club. These aggregate scores list each club alphabetically, along with the total score of all entries attributing their score to the club, and the number of entries.

Here is the ARRL Field Day results page.
Individual Scores :
Aggregate Scores :

GBARC members who took part in 2020 Covid Field Day
                   QSOs    PWR   OPs        Score
VE3WI           56         2       1           262
VE3PQ          145         2      1           726
VA3TS          101         2      1           252
VA3KOT         63         2       1           302
VE3FP          494         2       1         2,226 
GBARC aggregatscore              3,768  

73, Adam ve3fp

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