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Scout Regen receiver Kit
Donated by Carl VE3APY, an unbuilt but complete receiver kit that covers 3.5 to 10mhz. Still sealed in it original package.

The Scout Regen receives CW, SSB and AM signals from 3.5 to over 10 MHz. in two bands .

Includes a chassis, circuit board and all parts.

Headphone level audio output with diode audio limiters to protect the listener.

Powered by on board 9V battery or external supply.

Current consumption of approximately 8mA.

Sensitivity of up to -130 dBm or 0.1 uV.

A great winter project for a mere $50, all proceeds to GBARC

Hi Tom,
If no one has already spoken for this kit I would like to buy it.  I can bring cash to the next meeting if I don't see you before then...
OK Dan, I'll put it in the truck.  73

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