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Common mode current. Measuring effectiveness of choke
Do you have a NanoVNA? Looking for new ways to use it?
Mark, N6MTS created this great video presentation on common mode current and how to measure the effectiveness of a choke you build.
Mark delivers a great explanation of what common mode current is and what the impacts are. He describes how to build a simple test jig to use your NanoVNA to measure the effectiveness of chokes we can build.
Using his test jig he demonstrates a number of simple common mode chokes, and graphs their impedance at frequencies across the HF spectrum!
Watch the video here:
I wrote a piece on my blog about this technique too:
I tuned in to N6MTS's talk in the Ham Expo back when he gave it.  Pretty good presentation.  I don't have anything as grand as his or John's test fixtures, just a simple one with RG-316 pigtails that avoids directly connecting to the Nano over & over, to protect those little SMA connectors.
Dave, VE3WI

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