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2024 QSO Party
The 27th Annual Ontario QSO Party 2024
To be held on the third full weekend of April
1800Z April 20 to 0500Z April 21, 2024
and 1200Z to 1800Z April 21, 2024

Check back for further details
It does not appear, at this time, that there is enough interest to have a group effort for this. The option is to conduct the qso party at your home qth's. If someone wants to use the callsign vc3gb, then perhaps they could let us know so we don't duplicate its use... respond here to these forums...
That's a pity Tom. I thought after the success of the 50th anniversary event at your place and the WFD event organized by Bobby that interest in group events was coming back. I was personally planning to go to the library bandshell on Saturday to join in. I didn't realize there was  any need to sign up. But, if the club event is cancelled I plan to combine OQP with a POTA activation at a local park (contest QSOs count for POTA). I'll be using my new Turkish QRP radio.
Worked the OQP from home.  Only made a few QSOs, but I worked everyone I heard who were in the contest.  Maybe the rest were all on CW or digital Smile

I didn't hear anyone in the contest on 80 m.  40 m was good last night but mostly dead today.  I made all my QSOs (except the one below) on 40 m.

Most unusual QSO was Slovakia on 15 m.  He was calling CQ OQP!  He wanted us to QSY to 20 m for another multiplier but I didn't hear him down there.  

I couldn't even hear the NCS for the Trans Canada Net today on 20 m.

Dave, VE3WI

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