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RAC Winter Contest 2023
Final contest for the year has come to an end. Fun while it lasted!
It started out as usual, plenty of opportunities to rack up some some early points on 160, 80 and 40 meters before the bands died off. I had some runs of over 100 Qs/hr but that didn't last very long the bands pretty well faded out by 0400z and decided to get some rest and get and early start in the morning. Around  1000z  activity started to pick up on 40m but not overly busy, I already had over 250 Qs in the log so mainly the the same ops were on the air at this time. 
20m started to pick up around 1500z  and 15m around 1800z but much less activity then at the start of the contest. At 2200z I decided to call it quits since may rate dropped off considerably.  

Unfortunately I didn't beat my last years score but still happy with the results. I don't think the conditions were as good this year as compared to last.   

Operating conditions: 
Rig: Kenwood TS 590s running 100watts CW
Ant:  TH-6, 10-160m offset dipole & 80m dipole. 

[Image: 2023-Winter-Contest.png]

Hope the band conditions will better for WFD.
73, Adam ve3fp

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