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Fox Hunt

If there is an interest for a fox hunt please reply to this post
I am interested Tom. The lack of other responses may be partly due to people's unfamiliarity with fox hunting techniques and hence their reticence to participate. Fox hunting requires some skill and specialized equipment. Maybe we should have practice events where a group works together to find the fox. I suggest a pedestrian event in Harrison Park perhaps. Fox hunts that involve driving can be distracting and should maybe be avoided. It might also be a good idea to hold classes on how to build and use fox hunting equipment.
This page is for the latest info regarding foxhunts and I have included an article for the September newsletter regarding my foxhunt antenna project.

If anyone has something to add, or implement any of John's ideas,  please email or make it a discussion on the weekly net.

Did You Know?.... the club has it's own fox, it is part of the clubs portable repeater, click HERE 

What we really need is for a member to be the "Foxhunt Guy" take it upon themselves to suggest, organize and promote fox hunts... could be more than one person...73

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