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OQP 2024
2024 OQP done and over with. 
I started OQP on time, 1800z and operated S&P for few minutes then switched to Running till the band conditions subsided for the evening which was around 0300z. It seemed to me that band conditions were not the the greatest given we are near the peak of the solar cycle. I found myself doing a lot of band hopping because the I could not get a steady flow of contacts Running. 
40m and 20m bands were most productive and closed off the night with several contacts on 80m and 160m. 
Following morning I started off on 80m but as day went along I found myself not making much progress. After having some breakfast, got back on the air and picked up few on 15, 20 as well as only 1 contact on 10m. Not much of new activity, most already worked were heard. Just before 1400z I decided to go QRT. 
My overall observation was that majority of activity was CW which tells me CW is gaining popularity. Awesome!

Operating conditions: CW
Rig: Kenwood TS590s @100watts
Ant: 160-10m offset dipole, TH6 beam
CW Paddles: MFJ564B
Total Operating time(hrs): 8:17

[Image: OQP-2024-score.png]
73, Adam ve3fp

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