The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
Est. October 18th, 1973
P.O. Box 113, Owen Sound, Ontario Canada N4K5P1
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VE3OSR is on EchoLink on node# 333014

At our last meeting, we discussed our activities from last year and also how
we could  allow members or non-members to express an interest in any of our
events, identify equipment they may have to use at the event, or even volunteer
to play a bigger role such as co-ordinating the event. So what we have is our
usual web form where you can enter you callsign and fill in check boxes etc to
inform the executive of your  wishes.

The webform is posted under the "Activities" menu pick at the top of this page.
I will also post all replies there so everyone can see how things are going.

What we are interested in at this time are volunteers/participants
for the Summer BBQ and the Terry Fox Run.
but you can sign up for any event you like.
Club Events and Activities 2014

Victoria Haliburton Amateur Radio Association is holding an upcoming
Swap Meet (hamfest) on September 13th in Lindsay ON.

Club Meetings
.... There are no scheduled meetings for July and August.
See you at the September meeting.

Elmer's Wanted --  Peter VE3PFK in Walkerton needs a little assistance to check his 40m dipole. It's needs a little TLC to check it's operation. It is not resonant on anything in the 40 meter band or near that. It was when hung and no tuner was needed. A year ago it became non-resonant. Is there anyone close by to Peter to drop by and see what the problem is? An antenna analyzer, ladder and a soldering gun may be helpful.
Cabot Head 2014
Cabot Head 2014
August 15th and 16th featured the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. This is an opportunity for clubs to promote lighthouses and Lightships but also bring Amateur radio into the public eye. Our setup at Cabot Head drew over 100 people into our display where we explained who we were, what we were doing and encouraged guests to ask questions, receive our handout and try morse code for themselves. All in all, a very worthwhile endeavour which the group will do again. Thanks to Adam VE3IZS for performing the lions share of the coordination and setup of the weekend, and for being an excellent spokeperson for the club as well as amateur radio.  In attendance were Adam VE3IZS, Dave VE3WI, Doug VE3WRF, Greg VE3NXB, Phil VE3QVC, Bob VE3PAV and myself Tom VA3TS.

Thanks also to the Friends of Cabot Head, who made the time there pleasant and as a bonus, a very nice crock pot of chillie which was greatly appreciated.
September 6th

Hello all, here is a list of all that responded to the BBQ event. This can take place anytime after 2pm
and we should have the bbq around 5pm. So if you have some antenna project to try out or
something to repair, bring it along and we can at least make an attempt at it. Some have said what
they would like to eat and Gloria was also wondering if the were any quests, wives/xyl's coming also.

VE3QVC  Sausage on a bun
VE3DXO Hotdog

Terry Fox Run
September 14th

This year, as in the past, we will meet at the Harrison Park Inn at 9AM