The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
Est. October 18th, 1973
P.O. Box 113, Owen Sound, Ontario Canada N4K5P1
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VE3OSR is on EchoLink on node# 333014

At our last meeting, we discussed our activities from last year and also how we could
allow members or non-members to express an interest in any of our events, identify
equipment they may have to use at the event, or even volunteer to play a bigger role
such as co-ordinating the event. So what we have is our usual web form where you
can enter you callsign and fill in check boxes etc to inform the executive of your  wishes.

The webform is posted under the "Activities" menu pick at the top of this page.
I will also post all replies there so everyone can see how things are going.

What we are interested in at this time are volunteers/participants
for the Summer BBQ , the Bruce Peninsula Mutlisport Race and Cabot Head
but you can sign up for any event you like.
Club Events and Activities 2014

Field Day 2014
Thanks to Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, field day will again be held
at the administration site near Inglis Falls   (Directions to GSC Site)  on the
June 28/29. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

In addition, Inglis Falls and surrounding trails also offer breathtaking views of
the area and could make for a great  and interesting weekend with friends
and families.

73...   Adam, ve3izs

Here are some pictures of this years Field Day. We occupied a slightly different area than last year and we were glad of the
shade trees that were there, as well as the opportunities for skyhooks they afforded. There were some challenges due to
antennas that didn't work as well as we would have liked but this was also a good learning lesson when setting up stations in
a less than ideal setting. After all, this is an emergency preparedness exercise, a there is no better way to point out
shortcomings in our equipment and methods to use them.

Thanks to a big effort by Adam VE3IZS who put in a lot of extra time to make filed day happen for GBARC. As usual there
was plenty of food (burgers and sausages) , cooked by Frank VA3GUF on the BBQ. Thanks to all who volunteered their
equipment and time. A special get well soon to Tom VA3TVA's xyl who is recovering from surgery but who attended Field
Day anyway. Special thanks to Kathleen from the 92.3, The Dock Squad crew for covering our event, the OPP constables
who attended and Best Wishes from Bill Walker MP.. 
This year we operated the Canada Day Contest at the QTH of Tom VA3TS. I was joined by Adam VE3IZS and Doug VE3WRF. The first 6 hours were busy but propogation or activity dropped off around 2am. So we took a pause, got some shuteye and came back to it around 10am on Tuesday. Then we operated till the end and ended up with 164 contacts, the summary as follows:
       Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
         3.5     LSB      7     100     3
           7      LSB     29     290    6
          14    USB     95     696   10
          21    USB     31     258    4
          28    USB      2       4        0
       Total   Both   164    1348   23
        CLAIMED-SCORE: 31004

DX Stations Worked:
Rac Stations Worked:

Victoria Haliburton Amateur Radio Association is holding an upcoming
Swap Meet (hamfest) on September 13th in Lindsay ON.

Club Meetings
.... There are no scheduled meetings for July and August.
See you at the September meeting.