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Jan 2000 Chrismas Dinner
Jan 2000 Radio Course
Feb 2000 Club Constitution 1992
Mar 2000 Clubhouse
Mar 2000 Bylaws 1997
Apr 2000 RF Sniffer with tone output
May 2000 Lightning Detectors
Jun 2000 Coax Attenuation Table 
Jun 2000 Transmission Line Properties Table 
Jun 2000 Coax Properties Table
Sep 2000 Mobile Antennas
Oct 2000 Electrical Safety Tips 
Oct 2000 Terry Fox Run
Nov 2000 Technology for country folk
Dec 2000 Christmas Party
Dec 2000 Remote Conntrol Checker
Jan 2001 Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health 
Jan 2001 Short Wave Receiver you can Build Using the
Feb 2001 Students make first contact with the
International Space Station 
Feb 2001 The Tesla Controversy
Mar 2001 Reginald Fessenden
Apr 2001 Flowerpot Island 
Apr 2001 Ted Rogers
May 2001 Sir William Samuel Stephenson
Jun 2001 How we send a Telegram  Pt1
Sep 2001 Field Day  
Sep 2001 Terry Fox Run 
Sep 2001 How we send a Telegram Pt2
Oct 2001 How we send a Telegram Pt3
Nov 2001 Technology for country folk
Dec 2001 Santa Claus Parade
Dec 2001 IRLP
Jan 2002 An Easy to Build and Operate Induction
Feb 2002 Allen Dumont
Mar 2002 Radio Course
Mar 2002 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
Apr 2002 Ultra Wide Band Technology
Apr 2002 AM/FM/SW active antenna
May 2002 Oscillator Building Blocks
May 2002 Geomagnetic Data
Jun 2002 Wheatstone
Jun 2002 Billy Bishop
Sep 2002 Flower Pot Island
Oct 2002 Terry Fox Run 2002
Oct 2002 S - Meters And How To Use Them
Nov 2002 Jamboree on the Air  
Nov 2002 Joke of The Month 
Dec 2002 Santa Claus Parade 
Dec 2002 Christmas Dinner 
Jan 2003 Christmas Dinner
Mar 2003 Diode Sensor Temperature Switch
Apr 2003 An AM RF Amp For Internal Antennas
Jun 2003 AMATEUR RADIO Supports Technology
Jul 2003 Field Day
Sep 2003 Flower Pot Island
Oct 2003 Split Rail Festival
Oct 2003 Cabot Head Lighthouse
Nov 2003 Jamboree on the air
Nov 2003 Santa Claus Parade
Dec 2003 Christmas Dinner
Jan 2004 Youth Group VE3IJD
Feb 2004 ARRL to Propose New Entry-Level License
Mar 2004 International Morse Code Gets New ITU Home
May 2004 Today's Hams Must Nurture Newcomers
May 2004 The Amateur Amateur: A Wealth of Possibilities
Jun 2004 "It Seems to Us . . ." Harmful Interference
Sep 2004 Flowerpot Island 2004
Sep 2004 ARES Assists Red Cross in Wake of Typhoon
Oct 2004 Field Day
Nov 2004 Santa Claus Parade
Nov 2004 Space Chats Exhilarate Long Island, Quebec
Dec 2004 Christmas Dinner
Jan 2005 Amateur Radio -- A Career Starter?
Feb 2005 A kid's perspective
Apr 2005 Legality vs Tradition
May 2005 An alternative dipole
Jun 2005 A Fun Project: A Heathkit HW-7
Sep 2005 Basic - Morse Code Changes
Sep 2005 Wiarton Repeater
Oct 2005 Repeater in Wiarton Update
Dec 2005Christmas Dinner
Jan 2017 VC3OS Canada 150
Jan 2017 Squawk Box for field day listening
Feb 2017 Winter Field Day
Feb 2017 Winter Scout Camp
Feb 2017 Solar Minimum Helpful Hints
Apr 2017 SWR Seminar VE3CAB
May 2017 Egor! A storm Approaches
Jun 2017 Radio Course 2017
Sep 2017 Terry Fox Run
Sep 2017 Imponderables
Oct 2017 Logic gates with discrete components
Nov 2017 10 Lazy Rules
Dec 2017 History of New Years Resolutions
Jan 2018 QRP with any rig
Jan 2018 New Transceiver Design
Feb2018 Antenna Matching
Feb2018 Guide to Fuse Replacement
Mar 2018 Cross band Repeater Setup
Mar 2018 Achtung!
Mar 2018 Paisley Fall Fair VE3VCG
Mar 2018 Inverhuron Ham Radio Club
Apr 2018 The Mighty Rhombic, King of Antennas
Apr 2018 HF Band Propagation Pt1
Apr 2018 Numbered Radiograms
Apr 2018 Notice to Visitors
May 2018 Crossword
May 2018 Radio Course 2018
May 2018 HF Band Propagation Pt2
Sep 2018 Field Day 2018
Sep 2018 Identifying your rotor
Sep 2018 5 band indoor Magnetic Loop
Sep 2018 Paisley Fall fair VE3VCG
Oct 2018 ARES message VA3GUF
Oct 2018 Home Construction and Renovation Advisory
Oct 2018 Tone Coded Squelch
Nov 2018 Ultimate Lazy ham's Antenna VE3WI
Nov 2018 Elmira Ham Tech Seminar
Nov 2018 Souther Ontario PL Tone Map
Dec 2018 Christmas Luncheon
Dec 2018 RFID Wallets
Dec 2018 Tis the Season VE3VCG
Jan 2019 Repeater Etiquette
Jan 2019 Antenna lengths Chart
Feb 2019 Bandpass/Bandreject Cavities
Mar 2019 Tutorial on Echolink
Apr 2019 How to get into DMR..without a Radio
May 2019 Practicing CW with Morse Runner VE3FP
May 2019 Hamvention report 2019 VE3WI
Jun 2019 Radio Course 2019 Completed
Sep 2019 Field Day 2019
Sep 2019 HF Contesting Hints
Sep 2019 Terry Fox Run 2019
Oct 2019 FT101Zd Panadapter VE3IDS
Nov 2019 Amateur satellite Tracking
Nov 2019 Purchasing Logic Diagram
Jan 2020 CW Operating Manual
Feb 2020 Build your own CW paddles VA3KOT
Mar 2020 Digital Modes with the IC7610
Mar 2020 VE3PQ Paul Biography
Apr 2020 What your dues pay for
May 2020 Ground Tuning Unit VA3KOT
May 2020 Solid State Pilot Lamps
May 2020 Projects by Don VE3IDS
Jun 2020 Go-Box VE3DGY
Jun 2020 SWL Frequencies
Sep 2020 End Fed Half Wave Antenna VE3ORY Pt1 of 4
Sep 2020 New "QRT" Radio certification
Oct 2020 Noise Bridge VA3KOT
Nov 2020 Operate Ham radio Outdoors? VA3KOT
Nov 2020 Understanding Radio Receiver Dynamic Range
Dec 2020 Tuned Counterpoise VA3KOT
Dec 2020 Wire for Ham use VA3TS
Jan 2021 Bulldog Clip CW Paddle VA3KOT
Jan 2021 Audio Isolation VA3TS
Feb 2021 1929 Transmitter VE3IDS
Feb 2021 Emergency Preparedness Points To Ponder
Mar 2021 Antenna Notes
Mar 2021 Tune your tube rig
Mar 2021 Community Mesh Network VE3VCG
Apr 2021 Testing Snap-On Ferrites
Apr 2021 CW memory Keyer VA3KOT
May 2021 Amateur Radio through the Decades
May 2021 A new better antenna winder VA3KOT
May 2021 Grasswire Antenna
Jun 2021 ARES VA3GUF
Jun 2021 ARES Bruce County NEW EC VE3VCG
Jun 2021 Recycling for parts VA3TS

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