This online course utilizes the Coax Publications Study Guide although any study guide could be used. They have excellent written material, regularly updated, with web access for students to use the Student Success Pages to self check and ask questions. In addition, Coax Publications also has available, for those interested, instructor guides to make putting your course together super easy.

The online material presented here is an attempt to assist those who cannot attend a formal course. It's fairly easy, read the study guide material, view the video presentations and test yourself with the Industry Canada questions.

Other Study Guides
Hamstudy by Frank VE7AV .
Guide to Amateur Radio for New Hams by Don VE3XD .
Ham Radio Secrets by Claude VE2DPE .
UBC Study Guide
AmateurLogic's Ham College
Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society
And many more.
Course Outline
Basic Qualification
The goal for any of these lessons is for the student to read the material, look at the Power-point presentations, view the U-tube videos and review the Industry Canada exam questions. There may be additional information given.

If you are attending a radio course, then it is expected that you will have done all of these before attending the class. The idea is , at the beginning of the lesson,  the instructor will clear up any questions you may have and then continue on with hands on experiments, show and tell, operating radios and setting up stations, building antennas etc.
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Course Outline and study requirements.
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Week 1

Safety First, Math Refresher, Measurements, Basic Electronics

Week 2
Ohm's Law, power, Decibels, Inductors, Capacitors

Week 3
Waves, Wavelength, Frequency, Propagation

Week 4
Transmission Lines, Antennae

Week 5
Active Devices, Power Supplies

Week 6
Establishing and Operating an Amateur Radio Station

Week 7
Receivers and Transmitters

Week 8
Interference and Regulations

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Diagrams for the Basic Qualification (Ham Puzzle)

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The Amateur's Code of Conduct

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