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EMCOMM in Puerto Rico: A First Hand Account

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:15 pm
by ve3efq
This is a personal narrative of, and a subsequent discussion with, a fellow who was deployed with the ARRL as part of its EMCOMM team in Puerto Rico.

He chronicles a host of issues that reduced the effectiveness of the attempt. Though not a formal debriefing, it does provide a personal insight into some foreseeable and unforeseeable problems that can arise when trying to establish EMCOMMS.

The author of the post wrote " I would refain from all digital ops in a disaster zone." Interesting: for these modes are being flaunted as the best kool aid to drink for contemporary EMCOMMS.

Obviously, EMCOMM is a bit more complicated than 'have radio, will travel'. There are some interesting points to glean from this account.