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ARES Update

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:49 pm
by va3ts
ARES Update ARES EC’s have been active in supporting Grey County with a Simulated Emergency Test. The test simulated a small town of 5,000 that had a small 15 passenger airplane fall apart in the air over the town causing fires and road closures. An emergency evacuation center was set to get the citizens of the town to a safe location. The evacuation center activities simulated a 16hour period over 3 real hours. This involved shift changes and the hand-off of GMRS radios for the individual Grey County Staff team leaders. All had interesting learning's as well as ARES EC and AEC sharing ideas, that were noted for adoption into future planning updates. One observation was the use of GMRS radios that users were not familiar with nor a plan to change batteries once exhausted after lengthy use. These ideas on how to implement a spare battery or radio into the plan with scheduled changes are being considered for implementation into the documented emergency plans including power failure operation processes and fixed antenna for HF communications allowing evacuees to email their loved ones an update on their situation in the event of an emergency escalation where these would be needed. It was observed that in the event of an escalated emergency with no power or phone service, an evacuee communication method such as HF e-mail would be a dire necessity. ARES has been asked to demonstrate the Email capability with HF radio at our next event to test the radio facilities at the newly finished Grey County addition, planned for November 15th subject to construction completion by then.
RAC is also scheduling on October 14th a SET to test our municipal ARES radio installation to HF communication capabilities and log contact locations/groups to benchmark our current capabilities. RAC will be testing the National Traffic System for emergency traffic handling capabilities. In Octobers meeting, we will critique and review good points and weaknesses apparent during the SET. All this with an emphasis to improve procedures, techniques and coordination with all groups involved. Further details to be provided at the upcoming GBARC meeting, September 26th.

Frank Gufler

Re: ARES SET Update Oct 14th

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:08 am
by va3ts
The October 14th SET will start at 9:00am at the Owen Sound Fire Hall till 5PM.

Objective to test communication capabilities with Ontario municipal sites and neighboring provinces, Quebec and Alberta. Comm’s to other provinces are encouraged. Can only accommodate 3 people at a time, radio operator, logger and supervisor. Logging who and what you hear along with what contacts are made will be key during this event. All participants will get radio time. Will post info on the ARES forum shortly.

Schedule your participation. Call the supervisor on the repeater to get access to the building for your shift. The info we gather during this event will be shared with Grey County in regards to improving the communications capabilities