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Post by va3ts » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:06 pm

Hello, I am Tom, originally licensed as VE3TSA in 1989. back then the exams and requirements were a bit more difficult than today but we got through it with some help from Bill Hardie VE3EFX, who was always there to help with CW practice or to explain things so I could understand it. There are many who would not have been licensed without the help of "Elmer's" like Bill. I think my first rig was an FT101e I bought from John McKnight VE3JMK in Markdale. Made lots of CW contacts on that rig. At that time you were restricted to CW only for a time period and had to show your log to the Examiner in Kitchener to achieve the next endorsement which if I recall was 10 meter phone privileges. So we moved through all that and then wrote the test for the advanced and 15wpm code. After about 10 years I was able to have a 2 letter call which is VA3TS that I use now. I've been involved with the GBARC club for many years. Anyway, it was fun and now I'm retired and find myself woodworking and keeping an aquarium and puttering around with radio things.
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