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International Youth Day, Saturday August 12, 2017

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:12 am
Is anyone aware if there is anything in the ham world connected with International Youth Day?
My son is on the Kincardine Area Youth Advisory Council and we are doing a Youth Beach Day in Kincardine on International Youth Day.
We are supplying the music for the event and will have my enclosed trailer there set up with all the equipment in it.
I was contemplating putting a 20 meter mobile antenna on the roof and and putting in the HF rig and making a few contacts to demonstrate Ham radio to whomever would be interested,hopefully some of the youth attending.
I can have a 2 meter rig in it as well.
I have looked on line and didn't see anything specific with regard to the day and any Ham connection so thought I would ask.
Thanks in advance!
Rob Noakes