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TA-33jr repair

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:25 pm
by va3ts
The TA-33jr (Mosely) came from Jim VE3DKF's estate in Sauble. The beam was in rough shape, broken driven element, the boom mount had worked loose over time and wore some nice sized holes in the boom. But I was able to make some repairs and even at the low proximty to ground, the antenna analyzer gave good results. This is not for sale, but for club use at field day etc.
This shows the bandaid to repair the broken element, just before the trap. I didn't have any tubing to go inside the broken part so this went on the outside.
This shows the piece of the boom I removed. In this case I have a 3 foot piece inside the original boom and a piece over that so the original boom length is the same as original.
Connections from Driven element to balun