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If your community or charitable event needs reliable radio communications for health and welfare, safety, security or logistics, please contact one of the executive by clicking the "contact G.B.A.R.C." link on the footer on this and any page.


They will be more than happy to assist you.




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2021 - 2022 G.B.A.R.C. Executive

About G.B.A.R.C.

Our goal is to improve our knowledge in electromagnetic communication, make our expertise available to our community and to encourage and assist others to enter the world of amateur radio.

Our club was founded in November 1973, incorporated in May of 1993 and has operated continuously since.

G.B.A.R.C. operates 2 repeaters. V.E.3.O.S.R. in Owen Sound 146.94- T97.4, and V.E.3.G.B.T. in Paisley 146.730- T97.4
We can also be contacted on Echolink on Node 333014.
Using our repeater, you can easily connect to other repeaters all over the world.
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These are "open" repeaters, free for anyone to use.

The repeaters, club events and this website are funded by G.B.A.R.C. membership dues.

G.B.A.R.C. is a Radio Amateurs of Canada Affiliated Club

Our Club Insurance One of the key benefits of our club is our insurance coverage, protecting members and their equipment while at club activities. Our policy is provided to us by our national voice, the Radio Amateurs of Canada RAC. <Read More>

The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club