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WW2 German Enigma machine challenge
This weekend, Saturday July 23, 2022 the Maritime Radio Historical Society will be sending encrypted message using the German Enigma machine. Code will be sent at 15wpm CW as well as RTTY in groups of 5 characters. 
For full details check out the following link

So let's see if anyone is up to the challenge. 
73, Adam ve3fp
Hi Adam...i received the khp cw message on took a bit to figure out how to set up the enigna m3 simulator but got a 100% decode.

a email certificate is on the way..

Alot of fun though...thanks for posting about this challenge

73 Norm
Great news Norm. 
You're one of few that were able to receive and decode it. I read some posts which said they had difficulties getting the Enigma working also some QSB during the code transmission. I missed it, we were out shopping. 

You will have to post the certificate when you receive it.

What frequency were you able to receive the transmission?
73, Adam ve3fp
I found 17016.8 was the best frequency...I could hear kph on 12808.5 but signal was weak there.

I will post the certificate when it arrives.

I used the simulator on the link provided..took till sunday morning to figure out the m3 inputs. Will have to try this again!

73 Norm

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