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Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a FREE dedicated voip telecom service
Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a FREE dedicated voip telecom service for the Ham Radio community.  Typically, phones are established in hamshacks, EOCs, Clubs & club members, ARES, and other Ham related areas and functions.  It is not the intention of HH to replace traffic carried over radio in an emergency or other tactical operation, but rather to augment it, by offloading managerial tactical operations and providing a full duplex path for such communications when spectrum is occupied, conditions diminished, or otherwise unavailable.  HH also supports FAXing of information (with appropriate equipment) which allows tactical offices to share documents & data between tactical locations.  In a non-tactical use, HH is an effective resource for off-air troubleshooting when you need to coordinate a troubleshoot of a radio circuit off-air and between multiple SMEs.  In addition to all this, conference bridges on the HH network allow large groups of Hams to coordinate & meet in real time anywhere in the world.

Getting on board HH is easy!  Just acquire a supported SIP capable phone (our network prefers to register hardware phones first), and open a ticket once you have your phone.  If you have one of the phones on HH Supported Endpoints, then also include a picture of the Phone’s MAC address for super easy provisioning.  Before joining HH, please read and understand our HH Covenant If you have any questions, our FAQ’s in knowledge base area on our help desk may help, if not – feel free to open a ticket on our help desk.

Cisco SPA 303 IP phones are available from Al Dee (VA3DZZ) for $35 plus shipping.  Theses are not Power Over Ethernet phones so a power cord will be required for an additional $15.  Al can be contacted at or 519-829-9696.

[Image: data_sheet_c78-601648-2.jpg]
I have one of these to play with, I'll let you know once I get it working...
I am going to revive this old forum post.  I bought a Cisco SPA303 phone with power adapter from Al Dee VA3DZZ for $25.  I also set up the Orbitz Groundwire app ($13.99), so now when my hamshack phone rings, my mobile will ring as well.  I have only been using it this week and have made a few calls, I can see me using it for the ONTARS net schedule as it will come in handy with a few net controllers that have numbers.

It is a free service (donations accepted) so why not sign up.  I have heard comments already this week from other hams "oh no, here we go again, I will reserve judgement for another time", "I don't see myself getting that program" (it's a phone, not a program), "it isn't real ham radio" the list goes on, but for the people that have one, they like it.  They may not use it all the time, but it is available if they need it or if someone calls them.  No telemarketers, just hams calling hams, numbers are listed in the index and on the map.

There is also streaming audio whereas you can listen to a number of different audio streams like AM radio broadcasts, CW practice, Old time radio, paranormal radio and it runs over the Allstar digital network and therefore it allows connection to the Allstar repeaters.  Maybe it isn't real ham radio, but it is a nice augmentation to the shack and the price is right.  

Any questions, ask me.  I am happy to help.

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