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RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for January 15, 2022
This is V__3____, Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of
Canada, with this week's bulletin


1. 2022 International DX Convention in Visalia, California, is Cancelled
IDXC Co-chairs Bill Kendrick, N6RV, and Mel Hughes, K6SY, posted this
on the IDXC website: “The convention committee of the Southern
California DX Club
acted in response to the current [COVID-19] virus threat. We look
forward to 2023.
Note: EVERYONE WHO HAS HOTEL RESERVATIONS, it is your responsibility to
your reservation as soon as possible, so that the hotels can resell
their rooms.”
-- ARRL news



2. Cat on a hot satellite dish:  Elon Musk’s Starlink antenna hits
surprise problem

Starlink’s satellite internet performance has fallen victim to felines
attracted to
the warmth its dish gives off on cold days. A customer tweeted a photo
of five
cats huddled on his Starlink dish, which links homes to more than a
satellites, and noted that the presence of the furtive felines had
slowed his
internet performance.
“Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a
little heat
on cold days,” Aaron Taylor said. After the photo was widely shared online,
Taylor clarified that the cats had taken to the dish by choice, rather
than necessity.
“They have a heated cat house, with water and food, but -25C and they
decide to sit on the Starlink dish. When the sun goes down, they head back
to their house,” he said.
Taylor said the cats’ attraction to his Starlink dish interrupted movie
and affected internet speed.“Doesn’t shut it down completely but definitely
slows everything down." He also said he planned to move the dish from the
ground to a higher location.

Read the full Guardian article at:

3.  Solar cycle 25 update

Solar Cycle 25 is shaping up to be stronger than expected.
New sunspot counts confirm that the young solar cycle is outperforming
official forecasts, with the rate of geomagnetic "storm days" nearly
tripling in the past 12 months.
-- See the data and learn more @  (Thursday Jan 13th,

4.  Winter Field Day - Jan 29/30 2022

Winter field day is an annual event held on the last full weekend of
January. Its purpose is
to test emergency communications during the winter months - as Field Day
does in June.
Originally sponsored by SPAR (Society for the Preservation of Amateur
Radio) it is now
sponsored by the Winter Field Day association.
Full rules and further information can be found on the website at:

This concludes this week's bulletin. Does anyone require repeats or
Hearing none, This is V__3____ returning the frequency to net control.

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