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Propagations Conditions: Experts Disagree
Looking at the GBARC Propagation page this morning I noted a disagreement between 2 of the sources of propagation forecasting (see image). forecasts any band above 60m as "Poor". claims "Good" conditions on 20m and 30m. Both can't be right. The best way of finding real world band conditions is to get on the air and make QSOs!
[Image: Band-Condx-Contradiction.png]
John, VA3KOT
2021/22 President, Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
May the Morse be with you.
Yes, the best way is to get on the air. I have seen bands open for an hour or less and seems like 10 and 15 are opening for short bursts lately as well. 
Will be on SST this evening, probably 40 and 80.
73, Adam ve3fp
Maybe there is something better out there... here are some links I found with a quick web search. Any favourites?

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