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Adam Savage and Cool wiring / soldering products
Some of us will remember Adam Savage, one of the co-hosts of the TV series Myth Busters. Adam has continued producing videos which he posts on youtube. Adam's content is a treasure trove or perhaps cornucopia of cool stuff from classic move props to DIY tips and tricks for "makers." In this video he introduce me to some very cool products that I've never seen before.

The first of these is a low temperature, all in one solder / heat shrink wiring connector. Adam's enthusiasm for these connectors is I think a good endorsement. I like it for all the same reasons and will likely go looking for a supplier. After all, who doesn't like things that actually work and make life easier?

The second product Adam introduces is a wiring labeling product. This involves small per-numbered pieces of tape in a dispenser. These are simply pulled off a roll and applied to any wires you wish to identify in your project. This would make it much easier to figure out which wire you are working with and would be especially useful in more complicated wiring schemes.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out Adam's video and possibly follow him on youtube. He has a lot of offer to those who love building things.

Neat splices.  I've seen the wire markers before but not the splices:

Some sources for the splices:

Amazon: $25 for 120 pcs

Walmart: $26 for 250 pcs

DX Engineering: $28 CDN for 80 pcs

3M Scotchcode wire markers are obviously meant for the trade, where your company pays the bills.  $74 at, $82 at  I'll pass.

I also liked his helping hands rig.  Much better than the el-cheapo one I have.  Too bad he can't tell us where to get one.  But, there are 60000 listings for them on & some of them look useful.

Dave, VE3WI

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