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Field Day 2020
Just a thought. 
Since all the activities and gatherings are being cancelled and Field Day preparations are on the way, what are your thoughts on this public gathering if we will not be able to hold Field Day this year. 
We are in state of emergency as announced by Premier D. Ford and I don't see this activity happening this year but we could still operate 1B, 1D, 1C or 1E. Not sure if ARES can play a role in this type emergency.

Your thoughts?

73, Adam de ve3fp
We do have almost 3 months to decide about field day, hopefully the current situation will have resolved itself by then, if not, we'll have bigger fish to fry ....
I think at this point we can keep planning.  At this point we can keep going.  I doubt we'll have more then 50 people in attendance at a time.  Time will tell.
As this pandemic further threatens more and more events around the world, we should also be seeking alternatives. Toronto has announced cancellation of All events till end of June. No fishing or hunting across the province this year. One good thing is that more people are actually getting or wanting to get On The Air.

ARRL has issued more information and suggests some alternatives worth reading.

Some operating activities this weekend:
Nebraska QSO Party
Florida State Parks on the Air
Missouri QSO Party
Louisiana QSO Party
Mississippi QSO Party

Don't forget ONTARIO QSO PARTY  Apr 18 & 19


73 de ve3fp

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