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Simple CW Keyer Project
CW operators and especially contesters often find it useful to have several stored messages that can be sent with a single button press or mouse click. Many radios have built-in memory keyers but programming the stored messages often involves using a manual key or paddle to record each message. There is a very simple way to directly type an unlimited number of messages and to send them with a simple click, or finger press, using a smartphone app. There are several apps that can do this. They are usually written to convert typed messages into audible Morse code that can be heard through the phone speaker.

There is one further step required to be able to use these apps as a memory keyer in conjunction with a radio transceiver. CW transmission involves turning a carrier frequency transmission on and off for each Morse symbol element. So, we must convert the audio tone output from the smartphone app into key clicks. That is the function of this circuit. It works equally well with PC software such as FLdigi.

John VA3KOT    

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