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Special FT-8 event starting 09 March
FT-8 experimental event
Special FT-8 event starting 09 March
On Monday, 9th we will start an experimental event:
How long does it take to get the DXCC in FT8?
Today, more than 80% of the QSOs are made by FT8 operators. Our goal is to get the DXCC in a shortest possible time.
We have to stick to these conditions:
The operators of DR4K may not use Cluster, FT8-monitoring etc.
No fox/hound, only regular FT8
DR4K must call CQ
output is limited to 50 wtts
We will try to work on 80/40/30/17/15/12 m as much as we can. No f/h, only regular FT8.
As soon as we have reached our goal, the experiment is over! After that you probably will never reach DR4K in FT8 again!
All QSOs will be confirmed with a special event-QSL.
QSL via Clublog, LOTW, QRZ.COM, eQSL also guaranteed.
Start will be Monday, March 9 at 6:00 UTC. We would be happy to have as many great connections from all over the world.
73, es gd dx
The DR4K contest team

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