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Ham Junk Swap

Hams collect junk. That's life. Once in a while we have to make room for more junk by clearing out old junk. And one ham's junk is another ham's treasure. So here's an idea. How about posting pictures and descriptions of unwanted treasure you just want to get rid of? Freebies only. Treasure hunters can collect at your home, office, breakfast meet or monthly meeting. Hey, how about members bring their treasured junk to meetings and lay it out on a table?

I have quite a bit of ham junk so I'll kick it off. For starters, who could use a fine high power vertical antenna base? It was originally part of a 10m antenna capable of handling 1500 watts. For a short while it served as the Peel Amateur Radio Club's 6m repeater antenna (in my former garage in Caledon) until it wiped out reception of a rare Leaf's playoff game! The top parts of the mast are long gone. The loading coil has been removed but could easily be rewound on the fine, weatherproof coil former. The radial plate will accommodate 20 radials. I have had this item in storage for years so it's now time to send it on to a good, kind, caring new home. Any takers?

John, VA3KOT    

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