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A Bright Future for GBARC

Our President, Tom VA3TVA, has two more months to serve, but as the incoming President for 2021/22 I would like to say just a few words in thanks. First of all, thank you to Tom for his service to the club. Tom has had to deal with a huge and completely unexpected change to our lives. Government reaction to SARS-COV2 has disrupted our ability to meet, our ability to serve our community and even our ability to earn a living. That's a tough challenge for an amateur radio club to face and we have to give Tom credit for dealing with it over the last few months. Tom will continue to serve the club as our Vice-President for the next two years and I am sure he will continue to play a vital role in the incoming executive.

Thanks also go to Frank VA3GUF who will continue to serve as our local Emergency Coordinator (EC) for ARES, and to Peter VE3BBN who will turn over responsibility as club Secretary to Rob VE3RWY. Bobby VE3PAV will continue to serve as guardian of the club's treasure. I look forward to working with Bobby to ensure we remain financially viable.

I would also like to thank the members of this club who nominated me and voted for me; I am going to work very hard for you for the next two years. A big shout out to Marvin VE3VCG for throwing his hat into the ring in this election. Marvin has some excellent ideas for growing this club as well as expertise in the field of digital modes that I hope he will share with us going forward.

While the present situation continues I cannot pretend the short-term future is going to be easy for us. But, if we all stay motivated and are prepared to get involved in this club, we can move forward to a brighter future. The most important thing we can all do right away is to renew our memberships. Without the funds from our membership dues GBARC will face the added challenge of how to cover our expenses for the club repeaters and our RAC affiliation and insurance. If government reaction to the SARS-COV2 situation tightens (as it already has in other countries) and pressure from competing organizations for radio spectrum grows, RAC's role in defending our hobby may become even more important than it is now. I urge all members to consider joining, or renewing your membership in RAC.

Finally, current President Tom has told us that yesterday's GBARC meeting will be the last physical meeting of GBARC until restrictions on indoor gatherings are relaxed. Tom has told us that future meetings will be conducted using Zoom. I urge everybody to participate by installing Zoom clients or apps and joining us in our upcoming meetings. Simple participation in Zoom meetings does not involve any real learning curve as our early trials have demonstrated. If you aren't comfortable sharing video you can join in using only audio.

Thank you to all the members of GBARC. Together we can get through the current restrictions and remain radio active!

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