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My bid to be club President and other thoughts
As most know by now, I am one of two candidates for the position of President of the Club. I rarely every post on the club forums but thought this was a good opportunity to do so and share some of my thoughts and ideas.

If elected President, I would purse several objectives.

1) I will reach other to other radio clubs in order to find common areas of interest and share ideas. I'm interested to learn what they are doing, what works for them and what does not. I will also be looking for areas where we might collaborate or cooperate as well as networking.

2) I will be looking for ways to generate more money to bolster the clubs treasury. I am open to any and all workable ideas.

3) I believe strongly that the best means of promoting amateur radio is to be visible and active in our communities. To further that objective I will create presentations and will offer to present these to various local service groups or local leaders. Such groups might include Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Scouts, Schools, Chambers of Commerce, church groups and or any group that seeks speakers or presenters. Every without having a physical presence I can still present to the group using Zoom.

4) I will be actively encouraging niche interests within the group. My interests include mobile, portable, EmComm, digital, off-grid power and operations. I am very interested in using radio as part of building networks around topics of interest such as gardening, cooking or camping, and any or all topics which might form the basis of a good topic of discussion with in our club or other clubs.

5) Education is another topic of interest for me. To that end I believe we need to have a community outreach program to help sustain interest in amateur radio and especially with young people. Once restrictions are lifted we could, in theory run builder day events where kids would be introduced to the specific science and technical skill sets needed to build little projects, such as crystal radios or CW Keys. The objective would be to introduce kids to skills like soldering and core level electronics in the spite of "maker groups". Even without a physical group, such an event might be done via the internet using various methods.

As a final note, I think it most important, as stated above that our club have a strong  and visible public presence. We need to make every effort to host and stage events in which the fun and value of radio communications can be demonstrated. This presence would include a publicity campaign via any and all media including local newspapers. Interested volunteers would brainstorm any and all ways to maintain an active promotional campaign to bring our clubs activities and, the radio hobby in general to greater public attention.

My feelings on this point are routinely reinforced when I am approached by those seeking to know about the hustler antenna's mounted on my truck. While answering questions I always direct their interest towards getting involved in radio as a hobby. This has happened often enough that I've thought about the idea of carrying some kind of promotional material I could hand out directing interests to our club and our courses etc.
Big Grin 

Even if I am not elected as President of the club, these are the ideas and possible activities I will continue to promote.

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