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United Nations Amateur Radio Club (4U1UN)

Greetings from UNARC/4U1UN. As most are aware, UNHQ has been shut down for some time due to COVID-19. As a result, basic maintenance of equipment has been postponed until the building is reopened to staff. The Secretary General has implemented a multi-phased approach based on state and federal guidelines. As such, we hope to regain access in October or November. It's at that time that maintenance activities will be scheduled with the appropriate departments in order to address pressing equipment failures. This includes repair to our Acom amplifier control module as well as the beacon antenna.

On other news, I've been testing and evaluating a Flex Radio Systems 6600M which was kindly loaned to us by our friends at Flex Radio. The Flex SDR system has proven more than capable of performing in our constrained operating environment, and is something as current club president, hope to implement into our station as soon as possible. Many thanks go to Flex Radio, especially, Matt Youngblood for his generosity and willingness to work with the United Nations Amateur Radio Club 4U1UN.

I'll try to update you with more news as it's made available to me by senior management and our administration.

Until then, be safe. Be well.


James K2QI

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