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Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race,Aug 10th, 2024
Multi sport race day is getting closer!

The Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race (BPMR) 2024 will take place Saturday, August 10th. As usual the organizers have asked for GBARC to provide radio support for their event.  The BPMR event takes place over a 100 KM course in the countryside area around Wiarton. As the name suggests, the race involves several sports and multiple stages. A hundred or more racers participate in Canoe/Kayaking, Biking and Running as they progress around the entire course.  The course is laid out over different terrain features with stages that are “on road” as well as “off road trails”. Racers are physically challenged by the demanding course with status monitoring by course marshals and radio volunteers positioned around the course communicating with organizers to ensure the racers safety.

GBARC members and Amateur Radio operators interested in joining a group of experienced operators provide radio communications to the race management team for the 100km race course on security situation report and race location status.  Amateur radio operators can now volunteer as Radio Operators.

With the length of the course, the more volunteers we have the better we are able to cover the whole course. The course offers up challenges for radio operators given a range of terrain issues creating opportunities to practice working as a group. The race also provides an opportunity to use our new mobile club repeater.

Volunteers are a vital part of the racers support ensuring communication coverage in an area that has many cell dead spots that we cover where regular race marshals cannot.  Our contribution to the event is very much appreciated by the racers knowing we have their back to get them help from the race management team since we communicate directly with them during the race event.  To give you an idea how seriously the race Management Team takes the contribution of Amateur radio, one of organizers is a Amateur Radio Operator driving around the course taking care of issues that may crop up as soon as we reach by radio in his vehicle.
If you are new to this event or have participated in the past and are able to assist with such an important community event that raises monies for local charities, then join us on the 100 km Long Course race day August 10th.  Complete the BPMR online volunteer registration form found at:


Answer all the contact information requests and the questions that follow as it pertains to the communication role.
Since the 100km run starts early in the morning and we cover their course and it takes a long time to complete, we typically indicate our availability for race day as:

    EARLY morning (5 am)

It is okay to not make the early morning as some of the locations need to have the radio operator in place by morning and does not require EARLY morning.  We do need a few operators though for early morning set-up and postings for the first 2 hours of Race Start.
Race organizers will let me know who has signed up so that we can get in touch with you all and get you the confidential course information as early as possible to assign your location in advance of showing up.  On event day, we will run a race Radio Net till the race is closed, usually by 16:00 Hrs.

So sign up now and get your names in early.

Till I hear from the race organizers and get back in touch with each of you directly.


Grey County ACS/ARES Co-ordinator
Sorry Frank, I am already committed to help at the Hanover Ham Haul on August 10.

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