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How can we attract and retain members?
Dave VE3WI pointed out the following article on

How can ham radio clubs attract and retain members in 2023?

The news that Paul VE3PQ has left the club because (reportedly) he "no longer finds GBARC interesting" shocked me deeply. As GBARC President for the past 2 years I took that revelation very personally. If we summarily dismiss such warning signs we risk losing more members.

The covid situation stopped us from being very active for 2 years, but now we should be scrambling to fix that. I particularly liked one comment on the

"They have to enjoy radio more then Roberts rules. Really they have to enjoy playing radio, and if the club isn’t getting out and doing radio things why even be there. You have to have fun little events. Like a Friday night club QRP POTA . Or a Friday or Saturday night rabbit hunt extravaganza that covers the region. The last hunt of the night leads to a barbecue. But a club has to get out and play radio for fun. Just like a car club gets out and has car fun. Rod runs, poker runs, Dino nights. we have to get out and have radio fun together."

GBARC has become very good at the social aspects of club membership but we have sunk into the doldrums when it comes to hands-on radio activity. Our 2022 ARRL Field Day was a prime example. Would visitors be attracted to the hobby by a group of us sitting around in lawn chairs with no radios in sight? Or would it have been better if we had set up multiple demonstration stations illustrating different aspects of the hobby?

We need to have a conversation about this; but not just a conversation, we have to get motivated and get actively working to turn things around. Maybe drop the PowerPoint presentations and start monthly practical exercises at our meetings. We now have a club radio, let's get it on the air at meetings and learn what we can do with it. Then when the weather gets warmer, do it outside and invite visitors.

Paul VE3PQ is right; the club has become less interesting and I accept part of the blame for that. Now let's hear your ideas.

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How can we attract and retain members? - by VA3KOT John - 2023-01-27, 10:07:25

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