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My Linux Adventure

A few years ago I was struggling with a laptop running the infamous Windows Vista. I had always wanted to try Linux but I was intimidated by what I expected to be an operating system built for nerds and bitheads. I was wrong. I installed Ubuntu alongside my Windows OS to try it out. I was impressed. Ubuntu was not only very easy to install but was also much livelier than Windows Vista.

So, I made the decision to re-install Ubuntu over Windows and say goodbye to Microsoft forever. Some software is only available for Windows systems. However, there are Linux alternatives to many Windows programs. For specialized software, e.g. EZNEC antenna modelling, I installed WINE which allows me to run most Windows programs under Linux.

There is a learning curve with Linux. It certainly helps to learn a few "terminal" commands, but the big advantage is that Linux makes old PCs run much faster than they ever would under Windows. Linux is designed differently from Windows and that makes it virus resistant. I have been running Linux for several years without any virus protection software and no infections!

There was some discussion at Winter Field Day about Linux. I was using Ubuntu but others told me they preferred Linux Mint. I had never tried Mint so I thought I would check it out. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu but it has a much nicer user interface. Last weekend I switched three of our household laptops to Mint - including a Windows 7 PC.

I am very pleased with Linux Mint. It runs my EZNEC antenna modelling software, FLdigi and FLrig, WSJT-X and my SKCC and NAQCC logging programs. I give it a strong recommendation to anybody thinking of making the switch.

John VA3KOT.    

That's great John! I installed Linux lite on an old laptop here about a year ago. I can't remember if it was running XP or Vista. It was really slow and clunky on windows after years of update bloating. It is quite fast with Linux. I haven't really done much with it since then, I am using a little newer laptop on Vista for general ham stuff. I haven't tried to switch general loggers or SKCC loggers to a Linux alternative so I am still on windows. Keeping my fingers crossed and periodically banking up the log to the cloud just in case hi hi.

73 Don ve3ids

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