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IC-7300 review

I know several members (incl. yours truly) are using the IC-7300.  Here's a link to a review by Adam Farson VE7OJ/AB4OJ.  He's published a lot of reviews on his website.  His reviews are very comprehensive (i.e. long, this one is 45 pages), so you might not read it cover to cover.  But there might be some useful info in it to help get the most out of your 7300.   He published this one a few years ago but recently updated it.

Dave, VE3WI

PS:  I have a copy of the Radio Today Guide to the IC-7300, by Andrew Barron, ZL3DW.  It's a useful book, written as a set of "how-to"s.  I'd be happy to loan it - just ask.

Great information Dave.  I found the same link when getting familair with my IC-7300 and also purchased the same book by ZL3DW.  It is a great reference now.  The 7300 is a fantastic rig.  I found this website to be useful as well .

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