Full Version: Bruce Peninsula Multisports Race
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We had a great day at the race. Perfect weather & no bears this year Wink

Ham volunteers (hope I don't miss anyone):

Tim VE3RTE & Greg VE3NXB ran net control at Wiarton arena.

In the field: Bobby VE3PAV, Doug VE3WRF, Frank VA3GUF, Fred VA3STG, Phil VE3QVC, Tom VA3TVA, Zane VA3ZRD & yours truly VE3WI.

Frank & Tom overcame an early repeater problem & kept us communicating. My attempt to reach the portable repeater from Hope Bay with a 4 el. yagi up about 20' did not work, but fortunately Fred's crossband repeater in his vehicle worked great again.

Lots of fun watching someone doing touch-and-goes on Hope Bay with a cute little amphibian (ICON 5 I think. Best 500k$ he ever spent!).

See you all again on 8 Aug 2020!

Dave, VE3WI