Full Version: Double Extended Zepp Antenna
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This is what I have, make one for 80m, tune 160 to 10 .... 3db gain if you an get it up the magic 1/2 wavelength.. should be easy to do on 40...bonus of 3db gain broadside    ...73
For 3783 kHz: EDZ length calculates out to 316' 8".  We have 70' x 130' lots here, so I'd need some really cooperative neighbors :-)

I haven't heard anyone on that VE3KCY 50.170 MHz net (or anyone else on 6m for that matter) with my 80m inverted-V + tuner.  I wonder if an EDZ would work better for 6m.  Only ~24', I could manage one that long.    Maybe even add a reflector for some more gain (just found an article by Cebik about that very idea: 

Dave, VE3WI