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This is your club. What kinds of activity would you be willing to support in the coming year? What are your special interests in ham radio? Please help the new executive's task of steering GBARC in a direction that will keep our club active and prosperous.

Some of us are activity oriented and can't wait to strap on a backpack, hike up a mountain, set up a temporary station and "activate" a summit. Others like to sit at their home station with an intravenous feeding tube linked to a coffee machine, and operate a contest for 48 hours straight.

Some members like to answer the call of public service and participate in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and community event support. And, let's face it, many are happy and content just to be a member of the club and enjoy the camaraderie of club membership.

There is a place for all in GBARC. Please participate in this poll and add any comments about activities and interests that may be missing from the poll.
"ARES" is a narrow focus.   It leaves out non-emergency activities that I know many members have participated in.   "Public Service Comm" should be a category.  We have provided comms for local events for years, e.g. Bruce Pen. Multisport Race. Run Blue Mountains, Terry Fox, etc.  I think everyone enjoys those events and they are certainly good training. Hopefully we can get back to them soon.

Dave, VE3WI
Thanks for the input Dave. I had a chat with Frank about that. Frank sees public emergency communications support and community event support as falling under the same ARES umbrella.

I have been a member of two clubs prior to joining GBARC. Peel ARC felt the same way as Frank. The club had a separate ARES group that took care of all community events as well as public emergency planning. York Region ARC had a different approach; their ARES group was solely concerned with public emergency preparation while the club took care of community events.

My own feeling is that community event support is actually emergency support but on a smaller scale. During a charity run, for example, we are there to provide rapid communications support in the event of a runner becoming lost or injured. A runner who has twisted their ankle, developed shin splints or torn a calf muscle represents a very real emergency to that person. As a former marathon runner myself (a long time ago) I can attest to the kind of very painful injuries a runner can suffer. Most community events I have attended, as a ham, have their own route marshals and water stations so our role is really more focussed on emergencies.

Of course, the club itself is the provider of resources to ARES so there really is no dividing line. Frank is our region's Emergency Coordinator and holds responsibility for how we implement RAC's overall ARES strategy. I met with Frank and pledged the club's ongoing support for what he does.

I will amend the poll to include community support alongside ARES, Unfortunately we are limited to 10 options in these polls so there is no flexibility to expand it to cover more categories.

If you have any suggestions for alternative approaches to how GBARC handles ARES and/or community event support please raise them. New ideas are what keeps the vitality in a club. Sometimes old ways of doing things need to give way to fresh initiatives.

Sorry Dave, I am not sure I can change the poll options without messing the whole thing up. This is the first poll I have posted and I had to enlist Tom (TS) to help me with it. For now, let's just say that the intention of the poll is that ARES is an umbrella that encompasses community event support.
I read the posts about ARES. Perhaps ARES deserves its own poll to gauge interest.

We have an ares webpage at

and maybe the poll could lead up to more ares members. 

I don't know if we have any current members or who they are but here is our " join ares" page