Full Version: wire for projects
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Sometimes, a project sits idle because we can't find any suitable wire. I have found a good source and it is usually tossed out as being unusable. I speak of the lowly vga cable.


This picture shows a piece of this cable, the covering stripped off, to reveal a nice braided shield


Inside of the braid is where the useful wires exist. I ground wire, then a foil shield, inside that, 3 shielded conductors plus 3 more individual wires.


A ham can find many uses for this, even if you don't use every conductor, this picture below is an 8 pin microphone extension cable, nicely shielded. Other uses are hookups for digital modes etc. This vga cable has built in ferrites, another plus.  Have fun building  Big Grin

Thanks for the tip Tom. I have a bin full of old computer and audio/video cables most of which are probably shielded. I was going to throw most of them out but now I am going keep them for use as you suggested.