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#1 2019-08-15 07:00:44


for sale ... Yaesu ft-950, DMU-2000, and MD-100

I have for sale my Yaesu FT-950 with DMU-2000 data control unit and MD-100 desk mic.

The radio is in great shape and work as it was new. Transmit and Receive audio on the radio are software adjustable. Digital Signal processing is also software adjustable, plus many other features. The MD-100 mic is almost new And the Data control unit works as it should. The DMU-2000 gives you a variety of options, such as Band scope, Audio scope (receive and transmit), Grey line maps, Logging program, SWR mapping, rotor control when using a Yaesu rotor, plus gives you display of the radio menus. Radio has the DMU board installed that sends the radio data to the control unit. Any VGA monitor and USB keyboard will plug into the DMU-2000. Asking 1700 for all. Bob VY2NX on PEI.
Pictures here....



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