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Forum rules

This is an amateur radio website, spam, porn, flames and off topic posts will not be tolerated.

We hope that the tone of this forum is friendly and helpful, please keep that in mind when posting, we also have the following more specific rules we expect to be followed in all posts.

Don't attack other users, companies or products, you can post your opinion, and you can criticise, but posts written purely to offend will be removed.

If you think someone else has made a bad post or is causing some kind of problem, don't try to deal with it yourself, report it to a moderator.

Any posts made only for the purpose of advertisement will be removed without further notice. This does not apply to posts in the Swap forum, but even there, items must be amateur radio related and can include computers.

Posts should be on topic and preferably make a positive contribution to the discussion.

Please only post in English, if we cannot read your post we cannot help and cannot be sure if it follows the rules or not.

Breaking the rules may result in your post being removed or edited, repeatedly breaking rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

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